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  1. Forgot one. Pretty crappy bar owner.
  2. Fun with red and yellow circles / outlines.
  3. Good Eye! She just walked past a failed IED… Maybe… If your carrying an M-16 or any rifle as part of your off duty activities I would say that you are on duty when you’re off. Or you should at least be more aware.
  4. If I were her commander and saw this photo I am pretty sure I would put a boot in her (butt). Walking holding hands staring at a phone…not good form for defense.
  5. I haven’t heard Dixie Cups referred to as Popeyes. I do recall in Naples Italy toward the middle of a Med Cruise we had a new Master Chief of the Command and he dictated that all Enlisted below E-7 (CPO) must wear dress uniforms on Liberty. Side note: That guy was the most bitter miserable sonofab*tch I do believe I have ever known. I think the Captain brought him aboard so HE wouldn’t be the most hated man aboard. Anyway, my buddies and I were walking down the street towards The Piano Bar when some local guy calls to us “Hey Popeye!” My buddies got ticked. I laughed and yelled back in my best Popeye imitation “Whaddya want? Ack-ack-ack-ack-ACK” The guy and these pretty ladies he was with started laughing. My buddies started laughing. The guy says “Come, try my bar. I have American whiskey and pretty girls. Popeye, you get the first drink free.” Well, guess where we spent the rest of the day and most of the night. We had a ball. Just to be clear - I didn’t go because of the pretty girls. I was married and faithful. I went for the Whiskey!
  6. That symbol on the top left sure looks like the Seal of Los Angeles.
  7. Yes, we called it the “Dixie cup” hat or cover.
  8. To add to The Lord of the Rings” discussion in pictures…
  9. Could be that someone actually cares about copyright infringement. OR Using Waffle House in a publicized meme by someone that works for or is part of a company that could be sued for copyright or trademark infringement might be the reason. Regardless, I don’t know a thing about this modern variation of the Ring Trilogy (read the books years ago) I just thought it was a cool picture.
  10. I’ll bet her customers are pleasant and tip her very well.
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