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  1. 2 hours ago, Rye Miles #13621 said:

    We do it as you can use either and it’s the same category. I used my S&W 617 revolver. 

     What’s the 50/50 ??

    Thank you. 

    The 50/50 is a bench rest match, like @Crooked River Pete, SASS 43485 said.

    You shoot 25 rounds at the circles on the target below. The top 3 circles are for sighting in. You can shoot those as many times as you like.
    The 25 circles are the targets for the match. You shoot one round at each circle. A center hit is 10 points. The scores are tallied by row. 
    The center is 10 points and each circle is 1 less point; 10, 9, 8, 7, etc.

    You have 30 minutes to shoot all 25.


    Example target 


    They also have a rimfire match called “Know your limit”. I haven’t shot that one yet. 
    You shoot each target from largest to smallest, but I am not sure of the range. 

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  2. I met a Speed Queen once. 

    Last time I saw her she did a quarter mile in just under 4 seconds.  



    Well, look at the time.  Gotta go…

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  3. 3 hours ago, Rye Miles #13621 said:

    Yep. 4th Saturday of the month at Rochester. $5.00 for non members. Bring pistol, rifle semi auto fixed fights or optics. Cowboy.22’s also. 

    Is “pistol” a semiauto or can you use revolvers?


    I shot my first 50/50 rimfire match last Saturday. I’m hooked . :)

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  4. I wish I still lived in California. I would take them. 

    What the hell am I saying?.,,Never mind!


    Jees, I need my head examined…shoulda done that on my second move back there…I gotta go. 

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  5. I think lever guns have become the new Legos for men. If I want to be insulting they’re the new Barbies for men. :lol:
    I have to laugh when people get all angry, disgusted, flustered, sad or whatever emotion over changes, mods or embellishments people do to their guns. Key words being “their guns”, by the way.

    The very first time I encountered this was at a Bullseye Match in 1983 at an indoor range in Torrance, CA. 
    I had recently purchased a new Colt Combat Gov’t series 70 .45 ACP for $317 at B&B Sales in Hollywood, CA. It may have been North Hollywood. 
    Photo from https://www.icollector.com/Scarce-Colt-Series-70-Combat-Government-Model-Semi-Automatic-Pistol-with-Box_i13751051


    Anyway, my Colt was beautiful. The frame was matte finished black. The slide was matte on top to help with glare. The sides of the slide were glossy and blued to the point of blackness (^^^^ that photo doesn’t show how nice it was) It had a factory tuned trigger, Pachmayr wrap around rubber grips, a white outlined rear sight and it was mine. :wub:
    My friend and I were at this match waiting for the semiauto match to begin. I was brand new to this. I had just moved to CA a couple of months earlier. My buddy Paul was a Navy buddy. He was teaching me about Bullseye matches. 
    We had our guns laying on the benches when this loudmouthed dude comes walking over. He sees my pistol and immediately starts into me telling me I must be a sissy needing an shiny bauble gun and about being some kind of “pu**y” needing rubber grips on a “Man’s gun”. He picks up my gun and I snapped! No one touches my guns without my permission. Not sure why, but to this day that gets me riled. 
    I can’t say what I said here. I was speaking Sailorese, but this guy puffs his chest out and the first words out of his mouth were “I’m a Marine…” and visions of my abusive father passed through my mind and I went for glory. My friend and two other guys grabbed me and the “Marine” scurried away. In my mind someone was going to jail and someone was going to the hospital. 

    I was disqualified before the match started.:lol: 
    Enough about that…


    Well, that was my first experience with “embellished” guns, Barbie’s for men. :lol:


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  6. Aboard my ship practical jokes were very common and done very often. 
    Here’s one type in particular. 
    When a new deck ape came aboard one of the first watches they would stand on duty under way is Aft Watch. The aft watch’s job is to use binoculars and naked eyesight to watch the ocean and the horizon for any ships or anything out of the ordinary as well as the aft deck of the ship and report it to the bridge using sound powered phones. 
    Guys would frantically run up the ladder from the main deck to the O-1 deck where the aft watch was stationed and tell the aft watch to report to the bridge that a B1RD - “Be-one are- dee”  (bird) or a GU11 - “Gee-you-eleven” (gull) was spotted off the port or starboard side. 
    This would get the poor guy chewed out by bridge officers over the sound powered phone system. The officer usually knew full well the guy was being pranked, but chewed on him a bit anyway. 
    The funniest one I ever witnessed was this buddy of mine convinced the aft watch that having a sunburn was grounds for getting him relieved from his duty as an aft watch with a sunburn. He told him to call the bridge and use the proper code for a sailor with a sunburn. After a little convincing the aft watch called to the bridge and said “Aft Watch to bridge. I need to be relieved because I am an  ID10T.”

    I-Dee-ten-tee - Idiot. 
    This was on a beautiful Saturday afternoon and ship’s work had ended at noon. There were about a dozen guys on the aft O-1 level just hanging out in the sun and they all heard the aft watch make the call. As soon as that poor kid made the call everybody busted up laughing. 
    The bridge routed all sound powered phone communications to a speaker so the bridge crew could all hear what was being said on the network. 
    I learned later that everyone on the bridge busted out laughing as soon as they put it together what this guy was saying. :lol:


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  7. A while back I found a new company (new to me) that sells once fired brass. I ordered 250 .308 Winchester brass. The website said there would be some 7.62x51 mixed in. That was okay with me. My order arrived just a couple of days later. Shipping  was free. 
    They are having a 15% off sale now with free shipping on orders over $25.

    I bough some more .308, 100 rounds and 300 rounds of .45 Colt brass.   $109 total.

    I think they’re a new company based in Florida. 
    U.S. Reloading Supply



    Also today, I was working on my Henry X model and I noticed that I had 3 slotted screwdriver bits that I have messed up and wanted to replace them. 
    My gunsmith screwdriver set is the Smart Drive 90 piece set from Real Avid. I searched online for their bits in their home page and elsewhere with no luck. 
    I decided to call. I left a message and about 10 minutes later they called me back. They’re sending me the 3 bits free. I thought that was pretty cool. 
    Real Avid makes tools for AR’s and for general home gunsmithing. 

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