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  1. did some testing with WST in Dec, here are the results and the recipe: Created: 12/26/20 02:11 PM Description: MCB 0.38 Notes 1: MCB 0.38 110 TCFP Coated no land 119.0g Avg Notes 2: 1.473oal 3.09 g WST Distance to Chrono(FT): 10.00 Ballistic Coefficient: 1.000 Bullet Weight(gr): 119.00 Temp: 68 °F BP: 29.95 inHg Altitude: 1200.00 # FPS FT-LBS PF 22 903 215.50 107.46 21 913 220.29 108.65 20 917 222.23 109.12 19 877 203.26 104.36 18 90
  2. Sent you a PM,  found just what you are looking for at MN State last weekend.


    Coming down this weekend?



  3. Happy New Year Clay, What you have is an excellent design. I know where you participate primarily most of the stages are some from of stand and deliver or at most lateral movement stages as that is all the range design will allow, but in the cases where forward/down range moment is possible what you have has enough material that one can easily add a fence on two sides of the table to help guide the shooter to put their long gun barrel pointed in a direction where forward movement can be done without moving in front of the barrel. The other comment I have, consider making the table co
  4. Flyin Shootest


    Oh, My.. This one should be good for several hundred posts!! IMHO, taking a refresher course documents to SASS that you SHOULD know the rules and are a qualified CRO/TO. Not all CRO/TO’s are created, some good, some bad, most in the middle, regardless of recent attendance to a RO Class. If you are the type that can READ the manual and keep up with the clarifications/changes, and have good mentors, you really don’t need to take a refresher course other than for documentation reasons. Attendance is a good idea, and a good way to review and discuss recent changes, but if you don’t it does
  5. I like the codification if the unofficial category so there are some basic guidelines for those who enjoy this style. It helps reduce the chance of unnecessary disputes. This specific case it isn't really my thing, and who am I to impose guidelines where I am not and active participant. With this in mind, I would respectfully recommend some additional consideration on shooting style / limitations, Cross Draw or not, Gunfighter or not.. I am certain SOMEONE will want to try shooting Gunfighter, and presuming they had a rig that was conducive to that shooting style, what would be the harm?
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