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  1. Hello.. cuz I am busy working overtime, hanging out with JJJ's and Peppers.. and my dad.. I just run out of time.. xxx Deja

  2. I got it today.. thanks so much.. It is the best... love it...

  3. Hey.. did you get my text?

  4. hey, contact JJJ I know he did have some of my old brass.. 45 LC.. Jittery Jim Jonah..

  5. Okay now I have for sure visited your site.. just cuz.. lol..

  6. K.. so we are friends, I think.. not sure how the thinger works..

  7. Yep. we are freinds but I am crazy, huh? lol

  8. When you think of a john wayne kinda nice guy.. he is one of those.. lol Thanks to his wife for letting him spend time on the boards with us.

  9. I want to be president by 2015, can you make that happen?? lol..

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