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  1. Another side note about Diamond Dick. I had been knocking around SASS for less than a year when Cowboy Town became a reality. I rode out of the RimRock one snowy Winter's day to warm up and see this place for myself. I happened to Posse with DD and in fact shot right behind him. What a gentleman indeed and a great Pard. The description of his duty gun was what got me remembering though. During that day his gunsmith rode in to discuss some work on his wife's piece. That day DD shot a totally engraved set of Scofields with ivory or pearl grips along with an equally engraved rifle! As far as Rail Road Flat, I rode in and out of that Cow Camp a couple of seasons around their 25th anniversary. Fond memories of Peaceful 256 and Annie. They took me in and gave me my first taste of black powder, setting me down the trail where I eventually crossed paths with Laylow Curly and his Dammit Gang. Changed me forever in more ways than I realized. Thanks for taking me back, Dammit! JUD
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