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    Salt River Renegades , Shady Creek Shootists, Illowa Irregulars, G not so OFWG #332, TDSC L #96

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    Carman Illinois.........but at least I'm outta Misery! LOL!
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    Shootin' and Cowboyin', Pickin' guitars, Leather Craft, and lovin' my kids . What else is there?

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  1. You are remembered and missed, Pard

  2. You are remembered and missed, Pard

  3. Some folks say I go 500 miles around a 5 mile story.......keep that in mind if ya ever call me! Hehehe!!

  4. Hey Jabez,

    Your inbox is full. PM me when ya get a chance. ~EE Taft~

  5. Truely a good pard to us.

    Pay attention folks, they ain't makin' em like him nomore.

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