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  1. Howdy Nawlins, For low pressure loads, such as we use in CAS, I find that 100% pure lead, works just fine for me. This is especially true in my .38 caliber loadings. For .45 Colt I will add a small amount of tin since pure lead bullets shrinks somewhat before sizing. ~:Wylie:~
  2. All your points are good Driftwood and in addition to the reprimands you suggested for offenders I think they should have to listen to you play the banjo for at least 15-minutes! ~:Wylie:~
  3. Had the good pleasure of meeting Parson Delacroix at the 2012 Great Nor'easter. Birdie and I join the rest of the cowboy family by standing in the gap for you and pray that your treatment is successful and your recovery is total. ~:Wylie:~
  4. Congratulations Dead Head you old slime eating dog! Honoring you with JEDI GF of the year is a well deserved recognition and since I've lost FCGF category awards to you over and over and over again over the years, I'm glad that at least it was to a great pard like you. We'll have to sit down and smoke some see-gars the next time I see you ~:Wylie:~
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