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  1. I do have to admit that I have temporarily used a 500 MCM solderless lug on the negative post on a remote jobsite so I could get back to the shop. Van wouldn't start at the end of the day and the job was about 30 miles away from the shop. The old cable connector was so corroded that it just split off when I went to see how loose it was. I was a little more than irritated with the guy that normally drove that van, I only had it because my van was getting brakes done on it. This was before cell phones and although there was a 2/way radio in the van... it was Friday, the end of the day, July in Florida and I wasn't in the mood to put up with anymore crap that day. Worked fine until it was repaired the next week.
  2. Naw, it's still going to slide forward. Dumbass rookie...even I know that you gotta have two sets of zip ties on either side of the crescent.
  3. Heck, this was easy. I just read Watab Kid's post's if I want the hard test.
  4. And, I just read that Jaws was released today. That movie scared the hell out of me...well, at least for a few days.
  5. As Joe Pesci would say - The Fountain of Ute.
  6. - Florida Style Grits and Eggs - Cook grits as directed, you want them in-between firm and runny. Long cook or quick is fine - no instant. - Scramble 3 - eggs with salt/pepper and cook to desired consistency. - Put scrambled eggs on plate and top with grits, add slice of butter on top of grits. Salt and pepper as needed. Mix eggs and grits so that there are egg chunks mixed in with the grits. - Optional, but recommended - top with COLD apple sauce (sweetened or not) slathered on top. - Also optional and recommended - add cheddar cheese cubes to scrambled eggs.
  7. The ONLY female that I would ever slap.
  8. As long as he was still in the boat with the paddles...I don't think that they were gonna get anywhere close to him.
  9. Boy, talk about annoying tire whine...
  10. And that right there is why you NEVER pass out at the campfire...NEVER.
  11. Don't forget about the two rabbits!
  12. Can't speak for Texas but Georgia is the state of perpetual road construction on I75 and it's always in the same area.
  13. Or KISS Which one is Peter Criss?
  14. Why are all most of the mags out of the pistols and rifles? Doesn't make sense to me.
  15. Sorry Joe... could have gone to the rest of next week without seeing that.
  16. That horse there doesn't exactly look healthy either.
  17. Dad - Wrong son...Animals ARE music. Son - I gotta get outta this place. Dad - I agree son, if it's the last thing you ever do.
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