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  1. Naw, that's an American arachnid...gotta be toilet paper. If that's Australia, that's a paper towel roll with a baby spider on it.
  2. That's the employees. They must pay them by the pound.
  3. Love the pink rabbit slippers...otherwise, nothing to see here.
  4. Heard today in Home Depot. Been a while since I heard this one.
  5. What a wimp. Never extended the ladder and a water cushioned safety net AND working on low voltage. Probably even has a square to round bushing on the ladder...p**** Yes, I've worked out of a bucket truck before.
  6. One of the best boat chases ever filmed.
  7. During an interview with Bill Withers, the interviewer pointed out the "Ain't No Sunshine" was not proper use of the English language. He replied "I know, I know, I know, I know...."
  8. Notice it is following the medic camel closely. I wonder if the 120mm mortar camel is a two humper? Is the two humper is also camelflauged?
  9. You know how them electric vehicles catch everything else on fire. Wouldn't have happened if the Ranger had a permit.
  10. Probably happened when the Ranger gave a Prius a jump.
  11. Pic 1 - Always wondered what happened to the girl in Kill Bill 2. Pic 2 - That's EVERY 1/2 mile. Pic 3 - Used to be long ago, now it's shorts and a fillet knife.
  12. One of the great storytellers of our time who left us way before his time. Great song, Thanks
  13. #5...just because I hate the saying.
  14. Oops. Guess I crossed Home Improvement, Dennis the Menace and Leave it to Beaver ALL up.
  15. Maybe the inspiration for Jabba the Hutt or could be a picture of my ex boss after combing his hair.
  16. Ya know, I was thinking about the Easter egg hunts when I was a kid. They always used real boiled eggs, left out all day sometimes, peeled and eaten after all of them were found. I didn't die...huh. Do people still use real eggs? I thought it was the plastic eggs with candy inside these days.
  17. Aha, there is a fun way of joining the Polar Bear Club!
  18. Probably wants it to go with his spaghetti. The real question is does an Italian vampire break his spaghetti in half before cooking? If he runs out of real blood, does he substitute ketchup instead? Does he use ketchup when he bites a dog?
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