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  1. Figures it's up north. In Florida, it would be "Drive with pie". Pecan pie for me. Damn it, now I have to go get a pecan pie...in these Winter conditions!
  2. Hey, Bulgarian women need love too...and a banana .
  3. Back then FSU was a all female college...still is to some extent.
  4. I learned to drive on a '73 VW Beetle. Clutches were non forgiving on those things. I hated that car, but I learned how to drive a manual transmission in it. Surprised that my stepfather doesn't still have neck problems from the "learning curve". Riding a clutch on a hill is truly an art as is the ole heel toe. I miss those days...sorta.
  5. What a coincidence. I took all of the creams and lotions on the bathroom counter and put them in one big bottle, Same thing with all of those colored little bottles with the brushes attached to the cap. Saved a ton of space on the counter and wait til you see how I saved space in the shower!
  6. There are over 50 gun stores within Pinellas County, Fl. While I haven't been in all of them, I have been to about 75% of them at one time or another. I don't think that any of them qualify as a "real gunshop" as described by Warden Callaway. Most have the ever popular black guns but very few used guns or older guns. Hitting the pawn shops is hit or miss, mainly miss, but when you do find something at a pawn shop, they want top dollar++ for the item and don't want to negotiate. Many of these gun stores are still asking 2020/21 (pandemic) prices for firearms that sell for considerably less on line or in the big box stores. I know, I know...the old "support your local gun store" premise is going to come up and I agree with it to a point...but ultimately, I'm not a rich man, have to watch spending and I'm only acquaintances (not friends) with a couple of the owners. IF it was just a few bucks, that's one thing but when it's $50 or higher than other places, the other places win out. None of the small stores that I've visited carry anything remotely considered reloading supplies. There is a privately owned retail reloading supply store in Clearwater but I won't step foot in the place as the guy is a complete ass and his prices are high to boot. After reading what I wrote above, it comes off as I'm a cheapskate...I'm not. I just want a good gun at a fair deal and fair deals are hard to come by these days.
  7. Naw, that's an American arachnid...gotta be toilet paper. If that's Australia, that's a paper towel roll with a baby spider on it.
  8. That's the employees. They must pay them by the pound.
  9. Love the pink rabbit slippers...otherwise, nothing to see here.
  10. Heard today in Home Depot. Been a while since I heard this one.
  11. What a wimp. Never extended the ladder and a water cushioned safety net AND working on low voltage. Probably even has a square to round bushing on the ladder...p**** Yes, I've worked out of a bucket truck before.
  12. One of the best boat chases ever filmed.
  13. During an interview with Bill Withers, the interviewer pointed out the "Ain't No Sunshine" was not proper use of the English language. He replied "I know, I know, I know, I know...."
  14. Notice it is following the medic camel closely. I wonder if the 120mm mortar camel is a two humper? Is the two humper is also camelflauged?
  15. You know how them electric vehicles catch everything else on fire. Wouldn't have happened if the Ranger had a permit.
  16. Probably happened when the Ranger gave a Prius a jump.
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