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  1. And all this time I thought that bats liked dank, dark places like caves to hang out in.
  2. No, the baby puke yellow fridge was long lived also.
  3. Hmm, doesn't say anything about adults.
  4. None of them, they're all dead...but if I had to choose while living, it'd be Perry Mason. He only lost one case...because the guy was indeed guilty, Burger finally won one.
  5. Looks more like a Sheepshead without the stripes.
  6. The magazines in my Doctor's office disappeared with the plague and never returned. I can understand why though.
  7. Come on man...the answer is 42...always has been...always will.
  8. Simple explaination. The 1st pig ran out of gas, the second pig is pushing her off the road to wait for Smithfield...I mean AAA.
  9. I was wondering the yellow Camero myself.
  10. I saw this was immediately reminded of Birdgun Quail. Miss his posts.
  11. Looks like Jason has been eating well and I can't decide if it's Clint Eastwood or Robert Mitchum...or?
  12. It would if you included... running to the boss, ducking responsibility, evading questions and working harder trying to get out of work.
  13. I never had to show ID to get into a bra although some bras were harder to get into than some bars.
  14. Who is he kidding, she was on his radar the whole time.
  15. Looks like one of those rawhide chewy things for dogs.
  16. Waiting for the doors to open at WalMart in 980 AD.
  17. At this point in life, cremation is the only way I'll have a hot body!
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