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  1. An inexperienced chef and a Benihana restaurant never work out well.
  2. Is that at the intersection of Bobbitt Blvd?
  3. Nope, gotta have potatoes to go with that steak!
  4. A little trivia, Feb 3 was the 65th anniversary of plane crash that killed Buddy Holly, Richie Valens, JP Richardson (The Big Bopper) and pilot Roger Richardson. Waylon Jennings was originally slated to be on the plane but voluntarily gave up his seat to Richardson who had the flu. Holly had rented the plane because the bus they were taking was too cold in the severe Northern winter. resulting in frostbite on the extremities of some band members. Richardson reportedly told Jennings "I hope you freeze your feet off" to which Jennings replied "I hope your plane crashes". Jennings regretted the comment that he made in jest for the rest of his life.
  5. One of the reasons that a trailer could come loose is due to attaching the chains like that. The weight of the chains combined with a big bump overcoming the tension of the cotter pin, something in the road hitting the chains and yanking the cotter pin out or various other reasons could cause the hitch to come loose. If I was that worried about the trailer dragging me to my death, I would just not use the chains Loose trailers don't always go to the right side of the road, I hate to have to explain to the family of the people that hit the loose trailer (that went to the left side of the road) my reasoning behind attaching it to the cotter pin.
  6. One of Billy Joel's best songs. The song is ironic in a not so good way...
  7. A man that obviously doesn't know beans about chili. Chili must have beans, if for nothing else but to have the bed for yourself for the night.
  8. They'd work for a while after the 'surgery", but they weren't long for the world after and you could count on it happening again...and jamming the player with tape.
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