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  1. Amazing technology, no doubt primitive in terms of the Universe.
  2. You get used to it, even for long periods of driving but the seat must be well cushioned. Sitting in a chair becomes uncomfortable within no time unless you can sit back in a decent, cushioned chair.
  3. Well since it's Hollywood and all....
  4. If you leave a 24 pack of Crayons in your vehicle in the Florida summer, you'll have a pack of multicolored "Sterno" by day and one big multicolored Crayon by night.
  5. I like the slam-o-matic .22 pumps. A ton of fun to shoot.
  6. Maybe them French banks take longer.
  7. But, I'm not dead... Japan: Moon lander Slim comes back to life and resumes mission (bbc.com)
  8. That's why I keep them in my pocket. Just need to find my pants now.
  9. I can't see nuking Iran at this point, landing a few GBU 43B's in known safe havens for these a******s in whatever country provides sanctuary for them would be appropriate IMO. Once one nuke flies, another follows...and so on.
  10. WInston tastes good like a cigarette should...
  11. I miss the price but I don't miss the box/packaging. I spilt more primers with that design than any other. I do remember buy them at a place called Sports Unlimited for 95 cents per hundred. Back then, I didn't reload much, $10 worth of primers went a LONG way. These days, not so much.
  12. I've been reloading for 30+ years, I don't recall Feds coming any other way. I do like the way Win/CCI/etc., are packaged...makes it a lot easier in the flip tray.
  13. When the Lions kicked a field goal instead of going for it on 4th and goal (3 or 4 yds) late in the 2nd, I told my gal that that was going to come back and haunt them by the end of the game...it did. The way they were running the ball on the outsides at that point in the game also made me wonder why they tried to pass on 2nd and 3rd down instead of running it on the outside. If they hadn't made it, there would have been no time left on the clock for SF to do anything. Made no sense to me...but I'm not the coach...the one that's kicking himself today for the "safe" call to kick the FG.
  14. Congrats to the Niners. They played a great second half, Lions...not so much. Good game though.
  15. Detroit came with a solid game plan and are executing it very well. Awesome running game and a balanced passing game. Defense playing is playing well. Gonna be a long night for SF if they can't stop the running game.
  16. That's a FACT. Lack of discipline, big penalties caused by lack of discipline and poor decisions by Jackson are just a few of the reasons the Ravens aren't going to the big game. Getting outplayed is another. GO LIONS...only because they've never been there.
  17. Ravens killing themselves with big penalties. Don't like the Ravens but can't stand Mahomes/Kelce/Swift.
  18. Keep the clouds, Florida has the lightning! The lightning capital of the U.S. stayed in Florida in 2023 (baynews9.com)
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