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  1. It's gotten pretty bad in the Glades with them. The reason the snakes are going after the gators is because they've eaten everything else. The new problem is that they are very slowly making their way north into more populated areas. Think FiFi in the back yard with a 12' pythons slinking around...they'd be like popcorn to them.
  2. Dang it, I was hoping for a new, or old, racing movie that I haven't seen. I claim bait and switch.
  3. There used to be a SASS shooter named Seven. Had a pretty low SASS number also. You ain't him. Ask me how I know.
  4. This +1,000. It's all about money...and...amateur sports sure do generate a TON of money that gets spread rather sparsely. When money is involved, there's nothing "amateur" about it IMO.
  5. What Rye said goes for me also and I want to add...Thank You for the security and freedom that all of you all given me and all Americans by your service.
  6. Almost cost me a keyboard right there!
  7. Those aren't sandwiches. Those are empanadas.
  8. Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding!!!!! I believe we have a winner here Dave!
  9. Yeah...but it made the M2 cry.
  10. If you have all of the original parts that came with it (sm/lrg primer systems, primer alarm, powder measure, etc), then I think that $350 is too cheap. A better asking price would be $400. That leaves a little room for negotiation, if needed. I think that at $400, it'll be gone the first time out. Let me know when you start on the M1 Carbines. I'd be interested in one of those! Same with the other items.
  11. That bear is going to need some woods...soon.
  12. The very last picture is damage from a typhoon that Halsey recklessly decided to sail through.
  13. Yep. Many, many other musicians also covered Springsteen. Springsteen and Dylan are probably some of the most covered musicians in the world.
  14. I always liked Manfred Mann's version better, not to take anything away from Springsteen.
  15. He could have just snagged one other guy, picked up one end, and turned it around...kind like people do with turtles although turtles just turn back around and head the same direction it was originally going.
  16. "Not one Colorado politician can tell you where this revenue is going"? Seriously? Is everyone too stoned to investigate? I wouldn't think that it would be too hard to conduct an audit to trace tax money from Federally prohibited drug sales conducted by the State of Colorado.
  17. I'm pretty sure that "legal" pot is going to be on the Florida ballot next year. My intention is to vote for legalization for personal and medical use. The potheads already have plenty of access to illegal pot. You really can't drive anywhere around here, or park in a parking lot, without smelling it. The cops don't seem to care or just look the other way. Unlike alcohol abusers, the potheads don't seem to start fights, drive 80mph in a 25 zone or get rowdy/obnoxious...at least for the most part. I also think that it will take the Mexican pot cartel and illegal growers out of the equation, eliminating a source of income for them. Since it is so prevalent, the state might as well generate big revenue off of it.
  18. This is what happens when you Free Willy. After years "on the inside", supposedly learning how to do tricks, they finally set him free. What the prison board didn't know was that Willy also learned criminal activities from the other killer whale inmates. The first thing he did was hook up with the various roving killer whale pods (gangs) and teach them how to get revenge on "the man". Hardened criminal killer whales can NEVER be rehabilitated to live a normal, peaceful life, regardless of what the reformers claim.
  19. That's what sank the canoe that had my guns on it. Riles me up to this very day.
  20. Evidently not available on US Netflix.
  21. I had to do some electrical work at a nudist "resort" called Paradise Lakes located in Tampa a while ago. The work was in the clubhouse and pool area and took two days. Sounds good on paper doesn't it...NOT. Trust me when I say, Chantry is 100% on the money. That was 17 years ago, had more than a nightmare or two over that ordeal.
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