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  1. Above all, take the responsibility of taking your dog for regular veterinary visits. Taking a dog, or any animal, to a vet isn't cheap but is necessary to maintain the dog's health. If you won't take a dog to the vet for regular checkups, don't get a dog. Although vaccines are a touchy subject these days, get your dog vaccinated with all of the available vaccines. Give them the heartworm preventatives for use at home also. Know when his time has come. It's hard, damn hard...I have tears in my eyes thinking about it...you'll know when...just have to do it. Above all, if you can't afford a dog and are not prepared for a lifetime commitment, don't get one.
  2. Yeah, but the only way to see the mirror....is through another mirror.
  3. Obviously a fake. No way a lizard is going to last that long with a game dog around.
  4. He's standing right next to Al Gore.
  5. There Goes Another Love Song - Outlaws Btw, they still do concerts at the Capitol Theater in Clearwater Fl every few months.
  6. Uh huh...and he loves her for her cooking and sparkling conversation.
  7. Couldn't get this group where I could copy and paste, so here's the link. Some of them are pretty funny. 17 Signs From The Past Week That Are So Funny And Delightful, They Had My Giggling And Kicking My Feet (yahoo.com)
  8. Yeah...but nobody knows what he's thinking.
  9. Special Hack! Make sure that you pull all of the wires off of the top of the cap 1st, makes it much easier to put it back on. Just stab them back in after...doesn't matter where.
  10. I thought it was CHARGE and Run Away!
  11. Actually, they go forward...so we can look forward to being able to buy groceries again.
  12. Hate to say it but it looks more like Margorie Taylor-Greene.
  13. If you are still a SASS member, you can place an ad in the SASS Classifieds.
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