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  1. Always remember that anywhere and everywhere is only ONE....maybe two if in off year elections, election cycle from turning the other way. That quick.
  2. His character made the movie and the laugh while chasing the "Grizz"...priceless.
  3. I had my own little encounter with a bear in Yosemite. In 1971 or 72, my family went to California and visited various locations...Yosemite was one. We stayed in a "campground" that had a sort of cabins that were clustered around central restrooms. The cabins weren't really cabins, they had a solid, raised floor but above the floor it was basically a tent. One night, I had to use the restroom so I went to the central restroom building which didn't have doors but was a solid building. As I was sitting there on the toilet with the stall door closed, alone in the building, I noticed bear feet walking around in the bathroom. I don't think it was a grizzly but I was trapped in the stall with no escape. The bear sniffed around and then stuck his head under the stall door and sniffed. I never saw his eyes, but he knew I was there. He sniffed around a little bit more and left. When I got back to the cabin, I woke everyone up and told them about the bear...I don't think they believed me but who cares.
  4. Congrats on the rain, wish we would get some substantial rain. Hard to believe but the Tampa Bay area is in a severe drought. I've been keeping track of the rainfall for many years, we're down 30"+ for the year as compared to previous years and the dry season is here. The last time it was like this there were large forest fires (not as destructive as California's fires) in June/July of the next year. I hope that the rain that ya'll receive doesn't just run off into the ocean.
  5. If you are traveling with unlabeled pill(s) in a pill bottle, there is a miniscule chance that there could be a problem with law enforcement. Evidently, it's against the law for prescription medication to be in unlabeled containers. Personally, I've never worried about it as I use 7 day containers for the various RX medications, vitamins and Aleve.
  6. The saying "Don't drink the Kool-Ade" had it's origin with the Jim Jones led suicide of over 900 people at Jonestown, Guyana. Ironically, Kool-Aid wasn't used in the suicide mixture...it was Flavorade. I'm still at a loss of understanding how so many people could be cajoled into mass suicide.
  7. Uhh...you kind of have to HIT the horse for it to be considered beating a dead horse.
  8. +I've seen pink, blue, red, purple, gold, silver, black and all of the natural leather tans at matches before. It doesn't bother anyone and if it does, so what...knock yourself out!
  9. I kept thinking that a crocodile was going to come up behind him...don't know why that came to mind.
  10. Chantry Were you trying for this one to keep in the "money" motif?
  11. Not speaking of anything other than Gaza/Hamas. The "citizens" of Gaza (not all, but the vast majority) made their choice when Hamas became their government. They have protected and supported Hamas every step of the way. There's no way that some of the "peaceful citizens" didn't know what Hamas was planning and could have stopped it before it began...they didn't. They are still protecting them by not giving their locations to the IDF. I have no doubt that some of these "citizens" also know the general locations of the hostages, maybe even the exact locations. If the "citizens" of Gaza really wanted to end this, they could...but they still don't want to give up the terrorists that brought all of this down on them. Regardless of what happens, this war will create a new generation of terrorists indoctrinated the same way as the last generation. Just a never-ending continuation of hate...just like it's always been. ------------------------------------------------------------ Citizens have always paid a heavy toll in warfare. If I remember right, 40% (mol) of all deaths in WWII were civilian deaths. That doesn't count people made homeless, destitute or the lives destroyed by the actions of their leaders. I'm sure that not all Gazan's supported Hamas, just as not all Germans supported the Nazi's, Italians supported Mussolini or Japanese supported Tojo (although their support for the Emperor was steadfast) but their fate will be the same...continued civilian deaths and destruction of their property until they STOP supporting Hamas through action, not empty words.
  12. I've only did that ONCE. Didn't lose the spring, but I couldn't find the indent ball. I was cleaning it in the garage, pulled it back too far, ping went the spring and ball. I heard it hit the drywall ceiling and then concrete floor. Found the spring within seconds. Hunted for the ball for about 45 minutes with bad language increasing by the minute. After about 45 minutes, my gal came out to the garage to see what I was cussing about. I told her about the indent ball, how big it was and what happened. She looked down at the floor, picked something up and said..."You mean this?" Yep, you guessed it...it was the indent ball, she found it within a minute of coming into the garage!
  13. I believe that la Drang was the first and only time that the code "Broken Arrow" was called in Vietnam also.
  14. Why anyone would invite a face full of pissed off brass and powder mystifies me.
  15. I was lucky enough to be camping far away from the city on a moonless night. We had a good spot in a clearing and it was completely dark except for the fire and lanterns. As I lay in the lawn chair looking up at the stars, I started seeing meteors, just one at a time and then getting more numerous. I didn't know anything about a meteor shower being expected, so it was quite a surprise. I told the group I was with and we turned out the lanterns and doused the campfire as much as we could without putting it out. We all watched the meteors and were we were seeing 4 or 5 a minute for about a 1/2 hour, then it was like someone slowly turned off the faucet and it stopped. Many of them weren't just the white streaks across the sky that one normally sees. Quite a few of them left luminous green/purple trails behind them. It was really a sight to see. This was in the late 80's either in March or October (that's when we would all go together as a group). I think the secret to a good experience when viewing a meteor shower is to get as far away from the city as possible to avoid all of the artificial light sources. I saw the comet in 1997, it was not a good omen. My gal's (ex now) mother passed away suddenly and a week later, my mother passed away after a brain amorism. All of that started a week after the comet was plainly visible to the naked eye. I don't look for them now.
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