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  1. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say your calls were both correct. You’ve worked enough games at a high level that your first instinct is probably right. Even if wrong if it takes slow motion frame by frame replay analysis to see if The call is right and you’re looking at it in split-second with the naked eye it’s hardly a “blown” call.
  2. I just found out that one of the two umpires from the U.S. at the olympics is a guy that I mentored before he went to umpire school and on to the pros. Oh yeah, he was also Best Man at my wedding nearly 29 years ago. Congratulations Mark Winters!
  3. I attended the Wendelstadt Umpire School in 1990 and everything you said about "timing" is what they taught us. I used to umpire local high school and Div. III college ball along with some men's AA fastpitch softball. I got out of it largely because all my good partners were quitting or moving away and I was always getting paired up with anyone the AD could get. They often didn't know the rules let alone proper positioning so I ended up doing my job and there's too. CC, I would have loved to have worked with someone like you. Players seldom know the intricate rules and just parrot what
  4. It's affecting more than just pipelines. Recently several businesses (hospital, clinic, law offices) in my town got attacked by ransomware and are paying a heavy price. Somehow they even hacked into our State's Attorney General's system and our State Board of Elections system.
  5. That would be Alamo Kid with his arm around you, Taquila Tab hiding behind the umbrella, and Marshall J.D. Oak in the chair. And yes, it happened just like you said.
  6. Yeah, I thought I made it pretty plain but apparently not enough.

    I was trying to accomplish two goals. 1) Bump up the St. Jude Match (even though it's pretty full now) and 2) Try to find another relatively nearby match with good props and fun stages to go to.

    I think I will mosey over to the BP Guild in Indiana and try it in May since I will miss our State Shoot the ...

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