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  1. I’ve always been fond of the hill country of Texas. I specifically like the Fredericksburg area.
  2. If it's down I'm guessing it's because it wasn't working correctly.
  3. Tried the link but I don't see anywhere to enter my shooter info. Also, when I check out I get a bunch of error messages.
  4. Loved Alex, but let's not forget that prior to Jeopardy he had years of experienc as a game show host and broadcast personality. Other than being a former contestant I'm led to believe this is KJ's first foray into television hosting.
  5. IF I'm ever arrested and they tell me that anything I say can and will be held against me the only thing I'm saying is "Salma Hayek".
  6. My first thought was is this Founder's Ranch? https://www.foxnews.com/real-estate/new-mexico-old-west-town-selling
  7. That would be Alamo Kid with his arm around you, Taquila Tab hiding behind the umbrella, and Marshall J.D. Oak in the chair. And yes, it happened just like you said.
  8. Yeah, I thought I made it pretty plain but apparently not enough.

    I was trying to accomplish two goals. 1) Bump up the St. Jude Match (even though it's pretty full now) and 2) Try to find another relatively nearby match with good props and fun stages to go to.

    I think I will mosey over to the BP Guild in Indiana and try it in May since I will miss our State Shoot the ...

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