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  1. Last year was so fun I talked Ray’l Gun into signing up again this year. We can’t wait. Plus it’ll be a great warm up for EOT at Paradise Pass!!!
  2. Facebook may be a tool of the devil......😈😈 Just my opinion
  3. Welcome back where ya belong Jake.!!! Facebook is a big time waster where everybody gets offended about something. Not like here in the saloon. Glad to have ya back!!! 😉
  4. Readin this thread makes me realize how unprepared I'm am for an event such as this. I reckon I'll be rectifyin that situation.
  5. Hey Tree, which movie star are ya talkin about, me or the Mighty, Irrepressible, Hero to Millions Furball?? 😎😎
  6. Kaya did a FANTASTIC job in part one. She was very composed and answered his questions very nicely. Can't wait to see part 2.
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