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  1. Attention COWGIRLS: Calling all Cowgirls! To those who are planning shoots for next year (yes, there are some of us) we've got a date for you to add to your calendar. On the fifth Saturday of May, 2020, we will be having a one day, "cowgirl only" shoot at Paradise Pass in Etna Green, IN. Only the ladies will be shooting, but we will need a lot of our cowboys to help out with all the posse duties. More information will be forthcoming, but please add Saturday May 30, 2020 to your calendar! We hope to see many of you there!! Jesse Jane JJ, Ray L Gun, Little Iron Lucille, and MoBetta
  2. Anybody heard or seen scores from Gunsmoke this past weekend posted anywhere?
  3. Facebook may be a tool of the devil......😈😈 Just my opinion
  4. Welcome back where ya belong Jake.!!! Facebook is a big time waster where everybody gets offended about something. Not like here in the saloon. Glad to have ya back!!! 😉
  5. Readin this thread makes me realize how unprepared I'm am for an event such as this. I reckon I'll be rectifyin that situation.
  6. Hey Tree, which movie star are ya talkin about, me or the Mighty, Irrepressible, Hero to Millions Furball?? 😎😎
  7. Kaya did a FANTASTIC job in part one. She was very composed and answered his questions very nicely. Can't wait to see part 2.
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