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  1. Extreme bullets they have a bunch in stock I’ve shot over 500K of their bullets and they ate terrific!
  2. This was actually an M14 pouch later designated as " M56 universal ammo pouch". It was first used to hold 2 M14 mags, then used to hold 3 20 rd M16 mags or shotgun shells. Later a true 4 -20rd mag pouch was issued but only for a short time as 30 round M16 pouches were nylon with a quick release tab.
  3. Pat ,NIB means New in Box with all paperwork. $25 towards shipping I'd cover any difference.
  4. YUP it's an SRC, saddle ring carbine!! All blue 20" rd bbl, really nice wood and levers really smoothly. $950 hows about $925 and I’ll cover shipping sorry no trades
  5. NIB only out to verify serial number and fondle.....my apology it’s a 20” coach gun! opens fairly easily, really nice wood and case coloring.......$850
  6. All you need is an ORM-D sticker and send it UPS ground DO NOT shop ammo to Cali as it is a regulated item!!
  7. I actually got mine about 3 weeks ago so newsstands may already be out !?
  8. So Marshall Chance you like the Duke believe in “. White power” and that blacks are incapable of basically self governance? Because that’s what he believed !? Your rant above is unbelievable. You seem to confuse left wing liberalism with race. There’s a hell if a lot if blacks who are conservative and Trump supporters!! All I can say is I hope things change for you as you seem quite off center.
  9. I hate to say it , but I cringed when JW was taped in the 60's saying that blacks should not be allowed to vote as they were incapable of governing themselves. I was totally shocked and I am as right wing and conservative as one can be.
  10. In the words of the Late Col Jeff Cooper....if there is not a round in the chamber you have an expensive paperweight ! He was speaking of a 1911, so in that we are speaking of a rifle, I would agree it is a club!?! God forbid if something hits the rotating blades, you might NOT have time to chamber a round OR worse yet you might be in no condition to chamber a round. While I grew up on the 1911 and am a multiple Gunsite alumni, this is the reason all our ( the wife and I), defense guns excepting long guns are now Glocks.
  11. I've had both shoulders done. In both cases I was in rehab doing PT the next day and every day the first week then 3X weekly with home PT to do. Been over a decade for both and am very happy with the results!! You've got to keep up with PT the first 6 months or scar tissue will return and range of motion will decrease.
  12. Ok the gun already has a lever safety so lever must be fully depressed before it will fire..... so why did they add another safety to the FP extension? Does the smaller pin inside make for more reliable ignition or what ?????? Seems like a problem waiting to happen!?
  13. Hope you realize that surface coating i(coloring) is the by product of anodizing the aluminum, as in hardening the surface of said aluminum? Once removed all you have left is the softer bare aluminum.
  14. I have 15K once fired nickel plated Speer. once fired at an indoor LE range. From yearly qualifications. Brass is cleaned and polished. Looks brand new!! $215 per 5k as that’s what fits in a large USPS box!
  15. Bob quite right he carried his back to the ship himself, and was later told only 11 photos came out and that the rest were over developed and blurred! Go Figure!!
  16. Little known fact virtually all of the US landing photos were lost in route back to the brass on board ships!! Seems they were all collected and in same bag that was washed overboard or some such. There are a few taken by engineers that survived. Story has it due to the mass casualties they didn't want the public to ever see them!?
  17. I may be wrong but the pic shows a short rifle and not a carbine?
  18. There was a post on AR’s and Ol Lumpy Grits said no red dots if you have astigmatisms!? I did not want to hi jack that thread so am looking for an explanation as to why not? He said an acog with chevron was his go to. I have said issue and have red dots on my AR’s and steel guns. I am looking at An acog and want to know said advantages. So if anyone can contribute what their issues are I would surely appreciate it. With so many of us having vision issues thought this might interest others?! Hope everyone stays safe and secure and healthy thru these trying times!
  19. Matthew it depends on where you are and what time of day it is! In TX after dark you can use deadly force as NO ONE belongs on your property but you and yours, trespassers don't fair well here! Bear spray is pepper spray about 5X stronger than the self defense variety. It can kill a human if they have other health issues. Most cans warn against using on humans.
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