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  1. Well, what meant was, if you leave the clips off, can you use Autorims? I looked at some photos, and while the pistol is clearly modified, it's not changed so much that "Otto" will work.
  2. Quite nice. One could argue/make the point that the Uberti Schofields are more "original," caliber aside, than the ones made by Smith and Wesson at the turn of the century.
  3. Oh, how very nice looking! I wouldn't mind having one like that, even if it does have a short and stubby barrel! Very excellent looking. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Yesterday the Mansfield Marauder's put on a really great shoot. Much praise to Leadslinger Lesky for writing some very creative and fun stages. There was some good natured grousing about them being too complex, but when all was said and done, nobody really had any problems understanding what they needed to do once they got to the line. Three stage featured a Texas Star, and EVERYONE was able to clear it as needed every time. I just had a wonderfully fun time, and I wanted to share that information. I actually shot a rather mundane match, using my (original) Great Western revolver and an Uberti clone, both in .44 Magnum along with my first ever SASS rifle, a pre-safety Rossi 92 in the same caliber. I've not used that rifle in a long time, and I just wanted too. Yeah, no Big Iron, no Mare's Legs, no Lightning, no Buntline, just ordinary stuff. Well, I did use the Terminator 2 87 for my shotgun, but that was the only unusual thing I had. At least one pard did comment on how I didn't have anything strange to shoot. Anyway, after three stages, my Rossi suffered a problem, it jammed. I could not close the action. It's stuck open. Things to wiggle around, so it's not frozen, but something is clearly not correct, so it will be visiting my gunsmith kinda soon. But I would like to thank a fellow who goes by Badass Bob who let me borrow his rifle to finish the match. Like me, he was shooting .44 Magnum that day with a Marlin. I have to say that I actually liked shooting the thing. Being a southpaw, I figured that a Marlin would be a no go for me. The closest I've ever come to shooting one was a Henry Big Boy, and it uncomfortably spewed hot gasses on my right wrist and I found the cartridges flying in front of my face to be annoying. I am happy to say that I did NOT experience this with the Marlin. I guess the ergonomics are just different enough so as for it to not be a problem. Still don't know if I'll ever GET a Marlin, I remain a Lightning or Winchester guy, but I could tell that it was a nice gun. I did not ask how old the gun was, and while I don't remember a safety, I didn't look for one either. Anywhoo... Fun shoot, fun time, and oh yeah, I shot the match clean!
  5. Where'd you get a derringer in .32-20?
  6. Just out of curiosity, where did the convention of referring to a Henry as an 1860 come from?
  7. I really wonder if this engraving pattern could be duplicated on a real revolver. I think it would be pretty cool. https://www.ebay.com/itm/185599392946?hash=item2b3695fcb2:g:E0MAAOSwm~tjNe3U&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAAoGg4KaY0JOcIMyp4PhZ1zw47K5VYHLyC7GCMaMWZobKoaeiVeQBJy8pHZa1JEPQ%2FknpKpTaIY4wfyCwNP9ibDn8%2BerDn2EgHmNOwG0U9tSXEM%2Fx9fBmWGHZBYMzJRwCdUbnv1li1K1l6quXX40fK5JlfL%2FoQRGuYFJiCo%2BXd5vZtV04VJG%2Bl0AtEnnkTmVbWL2mSswzaU0KMBCoLqNyZNkA%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR5jrnvCAYQ
  8. I am not sure, but I think American Arms was just another importer of Uberti rifles. The Henry is a fun gun to shoot, albeit with a *slightly* greater learning curve than something like a 73. That being said, take it out and shoot it. You will probably enjoy it. Many will suggest that you get a "spacer" so you don't have to do the "Henry Hop." I agree with this suggestion, and have such a spacer myself. Your rifle looks pretty nice and it should serve you well.
  9. Very cool. I've read that those long octagon barrels on a .30-30 can be super accurate.
  10. Cool story. Sounds like you had a heap of fun, and thanks for sharing it. You know, that Henry needs to become, "The American Way," somehow. (And if you ever wanna write an article about my Big Iron, give me a call!) Looking forward to hearing about your next shooting adventure.
  11. Nah. Just doing a lot of idle speculation. And I just picked up a (reproduction) Winchester 76 in .45-60, so I was thinking about the caliber. I also thought about a "wildcat" cartridge, .45-70 shortened to the length of the .45 Colt. Similar to a 73, if you had a special carrier the way you can get a .45 Cowboy Special one, a shorter one for the 76 might be an interesting curiosity. (To say nothing of a revolver chambered for it.) Call it the .45-45. But so much for dream speculation. The original speculation still stands.
  12. Can you run .45-60's in a .45-70 rifle? I'd guess that in a single shot rifle it'd be no problem, but overall length being to short might cause difficulties in a repeater. Thinking about it, I'd also guess that with black powder, modern .45-60 cases that are non balloon head ones, it would comfortably hold 55 grains of the stuff, recreating the .45-55 carbine load without the need for filler. This is purely a hypothetical question, I have no plans to try it, but it's something that has occurred to me as a possibiity.
  13. The Buntline is a real Colt, and as you can see, this .44 Special is nickel. The Big Iron above it is a .45, and I guess it's my "custom" gun. My "other" custom gun is this weird little thing... I run .38 Long Colts in it. And I will soon have another custom gun.
  14. This is the closest I have to that... Reproductions all, a S&W American, S&W Schofield, and a Colt Single Action Army, all in military configuration. (All are .45 Colt.) The Colt is an Armi San Marco, and I really like it. And here is a video of me shooting it, paired with a (converted) Walker.
  15. Along those lines, I did obtain a .44-40 cylinder for use in my .44 Special Colt Buntline.
  16. I am firmly of the belief that everyone is SASS should have at least one "custom" gun. Even if it's not something you shoot often, we should all have that one special piece that we think is cool to have. Custom can take many forms. Unusual configuration, engraved, whatever. Just something that makes the gun so unusual that you are extremely unlikely to find another one like it unless you make it yourself. Just an opinion from someone who is bored.
  17. I saw an article that this old movie set/themepark in Tucson, Arizona has reopened. I think that's great. Is this the place where SASS members are, or at least were, allowed to open carry their guns? Or was that someplace else?
  18. Simple question; why do you want something else? Gunscrubber works, is designed to be used on guns, and is safe to use. Trying to use something that's not really made for use on guns, and has the potential to accidentally create a dangerous reaction seems to be to not be worth the trouble. And when you consider that our guns can cost us literally thousands of dollars, is Gunscrubber really all that expensive?
  19. Moxie is... Moxie. It is what it is. It is unique and unlike anything else in all the world. And other than perhaps at some specialty shops and one bottler Pennsylvania, you can't get it outside of New England. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moxie https://www.drinkmoxie.com/
  20. That brings up a good point. With one exception, those colas and stuff are all Johnny come lately types in the soda pop department. Dr. Pepper is quite venerable, getting its start in 1885. Moxie dates back 1884. Hire's Root Beer, the original root beer that is sadly hard to find goes all the way back to 1876. And the Granddaddy of them all is Vernors Ginger Ale which harkens from 1866! So which one should we consider to be the SASS Official Soda? I like 'em all, but being from New England, I of course have a soft spot for Moxie.
  21. Pepsi Cola hits the spot 12 whole ounces that's a lot Twice as much for a nickel too Pepsi Cola's the one for you. Sorry, I couldn't resist...
  22. Looks like I'll have to consider a different project. Oh well. But if you ever wanna sell yours, Colorado, let me know.
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