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  1. if you keep a bottle of jack Daniel's in your car and declare it as hand sanitizer would you still be charged with open container? If you put it in a coozie marked BLM would that make it more legal?
  2. Some of the rioters also booed and cussed tge Portland mayor.
  3. He shot the same ammo in both. The state provides Federal #8 to the school.
  4. His shotgun only has the hard rubber thin pad, not much there.
  5. my 15 year old kept insisting he wanted a hatfield for the school shotgun team. He has now been to 4 practices. This week it was not just the rookies but the entire varsity team. His hatfield has never failed to fire and is getting easier to open for reloading. The barrel gets hot quick. It kicks like a rented mule on his shoulder and cheek. It kicks so much the coach told me that he is going to be really good but we need to get him something that doesn't beat him up so bad. A veteran shooter was there with a beretta with adjustable cheek rest. He let my son try it and my son said it feels like a 22 the recoil is so light. After all that he still likes his hatfield. If we got a cheek rest and butt pad would it help enough to notice?
  6. all of life will return to normal just as it did after the spanish flu, sept 11, 2001 and even the swine flu.
  7. Wasn't that kinda cruel to cut their legs like that? Gee wiz.
  8. That is helpful. Glad we didn't eat the taters.
  9. Question: what horsepower is the tractor ? How well did the backhoe do? Im needing a backhoe but have been told a 38 horsepower tractor won't handle a backhoe big enough to do any good.
  10. henry now makes a lever action that loads from the side like winchester. Will those be SASS legal? Just curious, don't have one and have not shot in a while.
  11. Thank you. Never thought of searching by upc code.
  12. My locals can't find it, one was on gunbroker but it disappeared while waiting for my dealer to find it elsewhere. I just think it looks pretty
  13. I have found the cap and ball version but the 45lc version looks stainless. I want to pair it with the cabelas 1860 army with white grips and American flag my wife gave me for Christmas years ago
  14. I can't find a cimarron 1860 Richard mason 45lc Old Glory model. Has anyone seen one anywhere?
  15. I heard that a local store offered them a free ar15. That is cool.
  16. Part of electric fence makes sense as years ago it was formed and lots of fence all over. It is also near where a still was.decades ago, or so I am told.
  17. If you get the sig 365 ate you going to get the one with normal sights or the one with hidden sights ?
  18. we installed a syphon to compensate for my neighbors broken dam and the rush of water on the other side from the siphon unearthed the item in the picture that my son found today. We don't know what it is.
  19. Why do you want to bury your propane tank. Mine is above ground partially hidden by bushes. A generac generator with above ground propane tank is great to have. The downside is I wonder if my neighbors noticed i have lights while they sit in darkness even though I'm 2/10 miles from the road.
  20. Saw a guy at a range with a sig ar and he could not cycle wolf steel ammo but i could in my smith and wesson. We traded . Tried steel in a 9mm revolver smith and wesson the other day and had a hard time extracting the spent rounds even though they were in a moon clip. Not a real fan.
  21. I don't hear about them anymore, did they disappear? Did they die in the fires started by the looters?
  22. There is an app that ties to alexa and you tell it Alexia, I am being pulled over by the police" and it immediately starts the video recording and notifies your friends . Just do that and take their picture and a social worker may stop by later to offer platitudes.
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