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  1. If you have a house without landlines or wifi how do you get an alarm system for it when you don't stay there often and still be notified?
  2. A month ago I fired the new Cimarron Old Glory 1860 Mason 45 LC. Back then, it had a hard time pulling the hammer all the way back one handed. Initially hard even for two handed shooting. It would jam once in a while during the first 50 rounds. It got slightly better as I went. Today I fired another 50 rounds MUCH, MUCH better. zero jams and the hammer goes back and locks fine. Fires smooth fast or slow. It seems to just to have needed to be broke in . I like the pewter American flag on the grip. I love my country. I usually do not go for the guns with Ame
  3. Can you tell me more about the restoration that was done?
  4. Whenever my 15 year old says he wants one with the super long barrel, I ask him if he has issues that cause him lack of confidence and a need to compensate. He says not
  5. That hood looks cool. We don't have anything but lowes and Walmart so lowes. They usually do good work, once they didn't install some windows right and they leaked. Other times everything was great. Depending on the contractor they send.
  6. When I was a teenager in the 70s I ran into an actual reformed hippie . We spent the weekend with his father who, like my dad was a preacher. He told me before he repented from that life he could look at someone and tell if they were pro or anti establishment. He said I was pro establishment. I was glad. A true believer, either way can probably tell if they thought about it.
  7. Chevy stooped making the Volt because no one was buying it. A couple of years later they announced an increase in electric vehicles and the stock price jumps up. It doesn't make sense to me. I know tesla sells a lot but tesla seems to be more of a status symbol . An electric chevy is not a status symbol. A stock broker buddy of mine says with the new administration electric cars will become mainstream. I don't think so. An electric car cost is such that it takes years to appreciate the savings in gas. Given power outages for storms in winter an
  8. 23 boxes of 50 of 44.40 available. Most GOEX, some made by Great Basin .
  9. I have a few hundred GOEX BLACK DAWG 44.40 ammo . It is blackpowder ammo. I won't charge $100 a box like my dealer does. Much less. Probably $38 a box plus shipping. I also have 45lc blackpowder rounds. 12 guage as well.
  10. The girl told me the 22 ammo cost them $18 a box that they were charging $24.95 for.
  11. As you know any ammo you find is a miracle. I went to my local store yesterday and they had 2 boxes of eley 22 lr for $25 for 50 rounds, 2 boxes of hornady critical defense for $44 each, and a couple of boxes of winchester 150 anniversary edition 200 grain 44.40 for $99.99. I looked at the girl and said $100! Wow. That is too high. She said it is for a lot of rounds. The 20 round box of hornady 205 grain was $24.99. I did not buy any 44.40
  12. I was watching a movie called The Battle of El Alemein this morning that was made in 1968. It has several Italian actors. As the British launch their attack on the Italian army, several M113 Armored personnel carriers showed up. I knew they were old but didn't know they were that old.
  13. Jesus once said that before you do something, you should sit down and count the cost first. Getting arrested doing something doomed to fail can cost you the right to vote as well as everyone owning firearms, not to mention a loss of freedom.
  14. Perhaps some need to be reminded what the Apostle Paul had to say one time, and I paraphrase, not everything that is legal to do is a good idea to do and may make things worse. Just saying
  15. I'd imagine that the lost blood would make it easier to put pressure there, though I lack experience with a lower torso wound. Maybe thats why in westerns they hand you a pistol when gut shot.
  16. Maybe its to mark them as air soft or bb. :-)
  17. Wasn't Bigfoot one of the people who stormed the capital the other day?
  18. She just updated her will a month ago and I made sure she kept us all equal because they are her children. I get your point though. Why be nice to people who dislike you. I hope one day they will realize that "blood is thicker than water" means politics is a dumb reason to get mad at someone
  19. I love sos but don't recall seeing chipped beef in the store.
  20. Social media has done more to divide this country than even the civil war.
  21. I have siblings who are staunch Trump haters. 3 to be exact. My mom is a Trump supporter. Off and on the siblings would remove her from the family chat group if she said something pro Trump. I was never invited at all for various reasons like telling my brother to put down the beer and go get a job. The siblings let my mom back on . She will post pics of my baby goats or her new life living at the end of my driveway. On her own page she still posts pro Trump messages. My mom posted something about antifa blending in with the protest and causing problems and
  22. I've actually done that. Santa comes dressed during the day of Christmas eve as well as again in secret that night and sits my children in his lap and gives them a present and leaves me a present. Sometimes he leaves a screw driver or wrench or a glock and then kisses my wife before leaving before I get back home
  23. We watched the Russell crowe version of les miserable and it indeed was miserable but my oldest wanted to watch it and came out of her bedroom and went with us to grandma's at the end of the driveway to watch it .
  24. Or if you have a ruger 10/22 there is a youth stock available, I have one , mounted for my oldest daughter years ago but she rarely fired it until I mounted the regular sized one painted pink. A have a second daughter but she doesn't seem interested in shooting
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