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  1. Guess it’s good I’m too cheap to buy cigarettes. I recall when in Iraq most of my men smoked newports and during a moment of stress they gave me one a few times while there and I did get a good buzz from the menthol. I could see why folks get addicted but I dropped it once there was a ceasefire.
  2. Original m84 scope. Knobs click correctly and covers snap into place but eye shade doesn’t extend out. Has small speck in one corner of lens, clear otherwise. Had a hard time getting a good photo of the lens $1,400 shipped and insured Includes rings for 1903a4 sniper rifle
  3. I’m trying a metabolic solution for my diabetes where they injected insulin and vitamins. Today was my first treatment and a guy beside me said he stopped smoking in December and lost energy and made his diabetes worse as smoking adds b12 and other b vitamins to your body. I knew a lot of hyper chain smokers and wondered if that is why they are hyper. Wonder if my cardiologist would agree I need to try that. meanwhile I had to take my diabetes medication afterwards despite it but will try next week
  4. Dairy Queen puts pineapple on the banana split, no complaints here
  5. Beretta puts out quality shotguns. Often thought of getting the 1301. I’ve shot the little brother the patrol and it shoots great and since this is a step up and faster shooting I can only imagine how great it is
  6. My 6 bypasses heart surgery was January 2023. Last spring I helped my son plant potatoes but just a little and hurt a lot afterwards. This week my younger son and I disced a few acres and I was tired and slept good I didn’t hurt as much. last fall I tried a shotgun and it hurt but this week I tried again and it didn’t bother me. I still let my wife drive if going out of town most of the time, preferring to nap instead. I still wonder if it was really necessary but my wife says it was. still wonder why the random chest pains , still weigh less than I did before the surgery. i still hope to never ever do that again
  7. I just heard on fox business channel that vista outdoors the ammo maker as well as other products may be sold to a Czech company
  8. I’ve considered it too. My son opted to buy the 44 magnum version. He likes it a lot but has said several screws keep coming loose. Not sure if he is talking about the gun or something else
  9. I like my g44 thought I like my beretta with a 22 conversion on it better. I was just being facetious some.
  10. Guess I’ll sell my 9mm Glock and carry a Glock 44 in 22lr instead from now on. I can then use it for “squirrels and such” if nothing else
  11. I had poachers on my property once and the game warden said I had to sign a form giving them permission or they couldn’t do anything. this duck season my son said a warden did come see his friends. Guess it depends
  12. It would pair nicely with the stoeger double defense 12 gauge with picatinny and ported barrel
  13. I can’t figure out how to attach the link but on gunbroker is a listing for a 58 Remington bp revolver SB with scope and triangle wood stock and guitar case
  14. When my youngest was in the 1st grade he saw a commercial for Duluth trading buck naked underwear and put it on his Christmas list at school . He finally got some when he got into high school. They also advertised fire hose cargo pants. Since I wear cargo pants everywhere except church I got some. I was tending my chickens and got chicken manure on my pants. I hosed them down with the water hose and it came right off and I was not wet underneath. on another day we were riding our ATV s and had an unplanned ride through a water hole and went nearly waist deep. In a cargo pocket I had a checkbook so I moved it to my front pants pocket. once we got out of the water I checked and my check book was not wet just barely damp. I had a pistol shaped object on the inside of my waistband and there were a couple of drops of water on the parts above the pants and some minor wetness on the part in a holster but even the holster was only slightly damp. Others were soaked and had to change their pants.
  15. One of your wedding anniversaries calls for copper as a gift so my wife bought me a box of copper coated 45 acp ammo. I liked the idea
  16. I was afraid they were but wanted to be sure.
  17. I was wrong about her age based on what my son told me, turns out she was 18.
  18. Since a threaded barrel automatically sticks out the end of the slide of a 1911, what would be the harm in buying a 5 inch threaded barrel and sometimes using it in a 5 by inch slide and sometimes using it in a 4 or even 3 inch slide?
  19. An 18 year old girl also still in school. The local gas stations and liquor stores don’t check ID, they had been hanging out at the Walmart parking lot every night and after drinking there went for a ride. 2 of them lived 30 minutes away from here but hang out at our walmart
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