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  1. With few formal schools in the United States until after the Civil War, cadets would be accepted as young as 14 years of age. After the war, there were still few schools that taught beyond what we would now consider a middle school or junior high school level. There were higher level schools, generally called "Prep Schools" which prepared young men for college. But they were, for the most part, private schools and one had to be fairly wealthy to enroll the children. So it IS possible that, in the movie, he is 16 or 17. I believe that, during the Civil War, the enlistment age was set at 18 y
  2. Howdy, I don't cast my own bullets so I can't help there. I've been shooting full BP loads in .45 colt for 11 years and buy my bullets from Desperado Cowboy Bullets in Washington. I'm pretty sure their lead formula is on their website. They come lubed for BP so I don't have to lube them either. A little expensive compared to other bullet companies, but I have never had fouling or leading issues so I'm a happy customer. Hope this helps. Shakey
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