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  1. You've said this twice. As an adult, would you not get the polio and smallpox vaccines? That is, if polio and smallpox were still here, and had not been eliminated by vaccinations?
  2. I'd rather continue my long, happy, and decidedly non-boring life, and will get the vaccine.
  3. I read about it, but I've never seen or felt it. Still have a pocket full of coins; have never had any merchant or clerk talk about it. I wish the ammo shortage was the same as the coin 'shortage'....
  4. As soon as my turn comes up, I'll be vaccinated. I'm 72 with no particular 'conditions' apart from age itself. I figure it'll be at least a couple of months off, if not more. I was vaccinated against smallpox and polio. I suppose other things back then. I've had a lot of tetanus shots over the years. All my kids and grandkids have always gotten their vaccines. Since I got into my 60s and am now in the 70s, I get the flu and pneumonia vaccines. I had the shingles vaccine, too. Simple common sense.
  5. I've had clotted/Devonshire cream several time in Blighty. It's a rich, thick cream. No clots!
  6. Funny though; everybody saw how panic buying drove toilet paper, sanitizer, and a whole lot of stuff off the shelves. And even a 10 or 15% increase in demand emptied stores of bicycles, tents, kayaks, and numerous other outdoor recreational products during the summer. And try to buy household appliances. Whole bunch of other examples: Supply and demand. But with ammo-- it must be a conspiracy....
  7. Bought a box of Herters .22 lr, 500 rounds, for $24.99 ten days ago at Bass Pro. That's 5 cents per round. Limit one box per customer, though. When they have ammo, they sell it at their standard retail prices; a practice that I think highly of.
  8. I have kept .38 spl, .357 mag, .44 spl, 45 Colt, and 22 LR 'topped up' (I shoot these regularly at the range) with weekly or twice-weekly visits to stores, especially Bass Pro. Ammo is coming in, but quantities are limited and it goes fast. They charge ordinary retail prices; no 'gouging'. Usually a couple-three weeks go by until I luck into some. And it's easier for me than for some others, because they have a store in my city. The point being that ammo is being made and shipped all the time. There's a small store here that has goodly amounts in stock, but they charge
  9. There is no exit stamp from the US that I've ever encountered over many years. You don't go through customs leaving the country; you need to have your passport and show it to the airline.
  10. Unusual indeed; the paranoids must have really been making life miserable for these guys.
  11. It never ceases to amaze, the rubbish grown people will believe. A great video; remarkable what this guy has had to listen to...
  12. I think it's just that the shelves are empty because of the rush on ammo. I drop into the local Bass about once or twice a week to check on ammo. The shelves, as such, have been basically empty for months, like with everywhere else. However, they get shipments from time to time, and over the months I've kept my .38 spl, .357 mag, .22 LR and couple others 'topped off'. They have had several other common calibers too. And-- they sell at normal retail prices. They limit to 5 boxes per caliber per customer. I got 500 .22 LR last week for $24.99- Herters, I box per customer.
  13. Of course deer can't read. That's why they use a silhouette of a deer.
  14. Bought a 500-round box of Herters .22 LR a few days ago for $24.99 (one box per customer).
  15. Did they sing all the time in the California gold rush?
  16. I too haven't shot in a CAS match for many years, but I have no complaints at all about the sport, which would be ridiculous. It's a great sport that got me interested in the guns of the old West, an interest that has continued to this day. I enjoy the Saloon, and have continued to participate here. One thing SASS brought me to, besides the firearms, was an interest in Western literature and classic Western movies; for a long time now a continuing interest notwithstanding not shooting matches. I have kept all my cowboy guns and shoot them regularly at the range. The spo
  17. I was a fanatic Nordic skier for over 30 years. For a great many years, I'd get out 15-25 times per season. It started to fall off a few years back and I got out maybe 5 times last year. XC skiing in the mountains is high-energy. I'm still in good health. But it's harder to do, and harder to get motivated. The exhilaration is reduced. It's age and time. I think that accounts for most of this sort of thing.
  18. When I first saw a modern drone in operation only 2 or 3 years back, I was amazed by the skill of the operator to bring it so smoothly back to a landing at the exact spot it departed from. Only took me a minute to realize that wasn't what had happened....
  19. If your range is publicly owned, you will have much more of a problem on this point. Our private range has handled things pretty well. Every other station at the ranges. Cleaning supplies. Maintain distance. Masks advised but not required. Limit one guest. Between some older folks who don't want to come, and perhaps those husbanding ammo, together with the colder and wetter weather, there is modest usage right now; all outdoors and lots of elbow room, so no need for masks anyway (they are not required outdoors here). The small range office, when open, serves out of a w
  20. We went to Spain 4 years ago; two-week whirlwind tour. Loved every bit of it. Lots of great places there!
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