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  1. Great!

    I like the older ones.

    Don't really care for either of the newer ones.

    So.....I'll get a check in the mail when I get home this weekend.

    Currently camping in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts




    AKA Lou Polsinelli

    3265 Silsby Road

    Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44118-2946


  2. Hi:

    No, I never found any.

    Yes I would be interested in purchasing yours.

    Shipping is to 44118.

    How much do you want for it, shipped?

    Thanks pard.


  3. Can't get the weekend off.

    Work raises it's ugly head.

    Can't come.

    Maybe next years.

    Bummer Dude


  4. Hey Mingo:

    The printing on the barrels sez

    "Browning Arms Co"

    "Morgan Utah and Montreal P O"

    "Made in Japan and assembled in Korea"

    I'm not going to GOA either.

    Hope all is well with you & your family.

    See ya soon.


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