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    I said the act of capitalizing to get across "yelling" is a childish act. Didn't call someone childish.


    By saying this you are calling me childish!


    If you say I don't comprehend then you are calling me stupid.  Correct.


    "Point is that folks shouldn't even consider asking to use an illegal gun...comprehend? "


    If people didn't ask then you would be shooting box stock guns with factory power factor loads as it was back when SASS started.


    You are welcome to your opinions.                           


    Have a good day!








    1. Phantom, SASS #54973

      Phantom, SASS #54973

      Actually, you do have a comprehension deficiency if you equate calling someone's act childish to calling that person childish.


      If you do something that is stupid, that does not make you stupid.


      And asking to use Illegal equipment has zero correlation with the progression of legal firearms, etc. You see, you're putting the Cart before the proverbial Horse. Your argument would only hold if you were lobbying to change the rules...which you are not. You are asking to wave the rules.


      And lastly, I don't frankly need your permission to express my opinions nor do you need mine. But you do seem to have an issue with understanding simple written communication.




      PS: Don't bother responding if all you are going to do is try and debate me on the definitions of words.

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    1. Phantom, SASS #54973

      Phantom, SASS #54973

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