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  1. NFA '34. Machineguns, short barreled rifles and shotguns, suppressors. Forgotten Weapons did an awesome video.
  2. Pre 1963, based on the abbreviation for Connecticut. That's when the 2 letter abbreviations became standard to make room for zip codes.
  3. I put a 16 lb recoil spring in mine, and replaced the factory sear spring with a Cylinder and Slide Shop reduced power model. I shoot 200 grain RNFP, at about 775 fps. I don't have a problem with using 230 grain, but I have a ton of 200 grain from 45 colt loadings.
  4. One of my Christmas gifts, from my step son.
  5. Tennessee used to have a provision that allowed a person with a suspended or revoked license to drive to and from work. I arrested a DUI driver with a TN license at 6:30 in the afternoon. BAC was .20, IIRC. He got out of the revoked license ticket because he was able to prove he was on his way home from a work Christmas party. The DUI conviction stuck, though.
  6. So sorry. Unfortunately, that time does come. We had two put down three years ago, and they still are loved, and remembered often. Prayers said for your beloved pet.
  7. I just forwarded a link to some hints on how to NOT lose your job over berating a traffic offender to my whole department. 7 year veteran officer lost it when a motorist didn't stop for his mediocre traffic control techniques. Then, upon review, he lost his job.
  8. Hmm. I thought that was what the P80 was when it was introduced in 2020.
  9. I live in a geographical oddity as to CAS. There are three ranges (North Alabama Regulators, Wartrace Regulators and Old York Shootists) that are just about 100 miles from me. There's one in Birmingham that is about 125 miles, and Memphis is about 140 miles. We tried to get a club started at a local range, but couldn't get enough interest.
  10. You've met me. I don't get into a Miata, I put one on.
  11. It's the wife's, but because it gets 30 mpg, I drive it to the range some (96 miles one way).
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