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  1. Bingo ! The angle of the scratches on the frame match the angle on the top step of the pawl.
  2. I sent an email about 4 or 5 weeks ago & got a reply a couple days later. Worked for me.
  3. I missed this one but have been to 4 or 5 of them. Always run 1st class. Slick & the crew do not disappoint !
  4. And don't forget the exorbitant salary Pale Wolf is hauling down .........
  5. I know a guy that stuck 5 round balls in the barrel of a ROA. Didn't faze it a bit -- but a real bear to drive them out. Each one had a cute little crater in it - except the last one
  6. Now, that's just BS Griff. I personally know 23 folks that have met you, know a little about ya and over half of um think you an OK pardner !
  7. Call Patrick Grashorn Patrick (307) 256-3495 He is THE Elk horn expert.
  8. A list of my guns, with serial #'s, lives in a place that is very safe.
  9. I've shot a cut&weld Cody '73 for 9 years. It jammed twice. Finally went a bit out of time & Lassiter fixed that easily.
  10. I have one I had to "adjust" the frame a mite for this reason ......
  11. Good read here .... http://www.curtrich.com/captbaylorsrangercamp.html And see Grizzly Dave's youtube channels shown a couple posts above. ^^^
  12. Were the two pictured cases fired in the same cylinder chamber ? Were these two the only rounds that split ?
  13. Go here .... http://www.slickmagicguns.com/contact.html
  14. Yusta B.


    Is that worse or better than nuttier than squirrel poop ? This is very poor stage writing by forcing Gunfighters to shoot double duelist.
  15. My son just had to put down a 12 yr old Lab , one of a brother - sister pair, last week. I can imagine your pain & loss. Same circumstances. It's truly almost like losing a family member. Dogs give us so much & ask for nothing but friendship in return. My condolences to you & your family.
  16. Visit a bicycle shop & look at some arm warmers (wear under coat). Much cheaper than a new coat. Easy on -- easy off. Pearl Izumi is a good brand.
  17. Looking at the picture of the bullet from the top - it looks like there is a bit of brass showing which just might cause a problem. I would increase crimp until it forms a rounded shoulder into the crimp groove.
  18. Another year Gunzilla's 4 barrel shotgun was staged. That's one HEAVY SG !
  19. APP will do that if you don't keep the tubes clean.
  20. As long as the clothing & leather requirements were met - good to go.
  21. Wowza ! That'll burn the fuzz off your fingers .....
  22. When you're in your mid to late 70's & pretty well stove up it will become clearly apparent ...
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