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  1. A small vise & vice grips for removing & installing spring retention clip will be very helpful.
  2. What a totally preventable loss. Some people shouldn't be in a car under any circumstances. Merging onto a freeway isn't rocket science. Condolences to Brian's family & friends.
  3. If you decide to cut a slot in it - if possible, chuck up the screwdriver bit in a drill press. you can apply a buttox load of pressure to the screw with much less chance of slippage.
  4. Get a 1/4" drive impact driver for the screws. Apply some Kroil a day ahead of time.
  5. Match DQs don't carry from side match to main match so I wouldn't think Stage DQ would either.
  6. If your club wants to have an "almost" award (or "one miss" award), by all means hand it out -- but it's not a clean match.
  7. Yes ! 1.5 Fg in a 12 ga. makes long flames & beautiful smoking streamers. You'll never go back !
  8. Miss my Ohio pards ! Good shootin Rye !!
  9. Some of the older companies are the best ! Good report.
  10. This works well for me too ! It's easy to get the water droplets off. If you want it dry in about 5 minutes, blot with a towel then throw it into a dry media tumbler. I de-prime before any cleaning.
  11. Hell Fire Hanna at Ft Parker .32 Mag, Pinnacle to base of 100 gr bullet, about .8 CC. I think it's plenty of smoke.
  12. Yeah buddy ! In about 1959 we used to get 3 guys together & jump into my friends Dodge D500 & put in about $2 a piece in Sunoco 260 , head for the Turnpike & troll for races -- Good Times !! That car would give me a woodie !
  13. I think either the Win primers have changed or your springs are light. I've shot thousands of Win primers - SPP & LPP without problems ( but not lately)
  14. Then he'd better watch out for Doc Holiday .......
  15. I think a shooter should be counting shots. There are instances where it’s necessary. For instance, it would be prudent when shooting dump targets to avoid missing a jacked out round. If no one sees it, you’re facing at least a miss & maybe a safety or DQ. Or you may wasting time with an extra attempt to fire at the end of the string. JMHO We all count shots on multiple hit sweeps like a 3 target 3-1-1 or 2-1-2 sweep.
  16. Seems to me like this situation is already covered in the existing target rules. The shooter can request a re-shoot in case of target failure or just make sure he/she fired the required number of rounds. (Rifle, revolver or shotgun). Shooters choice.
  17. What Mr. Johnson says ^^^^^. 12 to 14 gr of Red Dot or Promo,CB0178-12, 7/8 shot works great.
  18. Talk to Slick McClade. I don't think he does them anymore but he knows a LOT about Marlins.
  19. No - you wouldn't ask him for a rifle either.
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