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  1. Awhhhh tell Bo I said hello!! I feel your pain on the gas thingy. I just got back from the regional thank goodness that is only 2 hours. It's my home club. I had a blast. My boy Badlands bud got to come out and shoot with me this year. He usually has finals. We need to get together and shoot some time.

  2. Hey darlin, I just posted on the HH thread. I 've been doing great! Have you been shooting?

  3. Darlin, where are all my Damnits camping at EoT?

  4. I had to look!! Great action shot, girl!!

  5. .....and I am glad you did, darlin!

  6. send me your address again would ya?

  7. Allie I see now you have had 232 visitors!! Just look over there in your "statistics" prfile views...same as visitors. I'll send you some jokes soon.

  8. That's OK darlin, you come say hi as many times a s you want.

  9. No darlin, that is not the order. The two are tied for first and I can go riding after I had my way with the first two!

  10. Darlin, I think we need a chat room now! LOL...LOL...LOL

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