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  1. 21 minutes ago, Subdeacon Joe said:


    That's the main California Aqueduct. The Intellectuals at EWE SEE Merced were likely adding in all the tributaries into it and all the local irrigation canals, channels, and ditches from that and other sources.   


    Or....more likely,  just accepted the typo.


    You're spot on.  The state is laced with irrigation canals that undoubtedly make up most of the "4,000 miles."  As another sad note, most of these were built earlier in the last century to provide water to farmers.  Now, relatively little water is actually delivered to farms via these canals - or "ditches," as most of my farmer friends call 'em.  

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  2. 12 minutes ago, Texas Joker said:

    They haven't suggested putting micro hydro power into the canals? 


    If there is water flow wheels turning gennies  would use gravity to generate power


    Won't work.  The water is pumped through the canals ~ some, but not much, gravity feed.  


    The article mentions 4,000 miles of canals.  The california Aquaduct System canals are actually only about 400 miles.  Lessee... at a width of 110 feet, and an estimated (my estimate, based on residential solar installation cost) of roughly $10,000 per linear foot of canal cover, it'd cost something like $22 billion.  But hey... they ain't that efficient.  :rolleyes:



  3. 28 minutes ago, Sedalia Dave said:

    Just wait... To pay for all those solar panels, Emperor Newsom will add an income based surcharge to everyone's electric bill AND he'll add a matching surcharge to everyone's water bill. Got to keep everything equitable don't cha know. 


    AND rural folk with domestic wells (as in not on a public water system) for a few years now have had to put meters on their wells.  At their own expense.  On top of paying for the well (in these parts $20k - $30k), plus paying for the power power to pump the water, as well as taxes on the power and equipment.


    “[property owners] must pay an annual fee of $300 for each well plus they must meter the water and send in a monthly usage report and pay a fee for water that is pumped starting in Feb 2023....


    "What a great racket!” [a] California resident added. “The government provides no service, no support, no product, doesn’t even do the billing! That’s all on citizens. All [the government does] is cash the check.”





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  4. Just saw it on the news ~ Gov Gav just announced Project Nexus - a new plan to benefit the state! 


    As we all know, california is in an almost permanent state of drought (despite record rainfall) and now has the most expensive electricity in the country. 


    The plan?  Simple!  :)


    Just cover the state's 4,000 miles of water delivery canals with solar panels!  Plenty of electricity for "free," plus it'll reduce water loss from evaporation!  ^_^


    There's gotta be some sorta science in there somewhere.  Prolly gonna be cheap, too!  :rolleyes:



    The UC Merced study showed that covering California’s approximately 4,000 miles of public water delivery infrastructure with solar panels can result in significant water, energy, and cost savings for the state. The study illustrates a savings of some 63 billion gallons of water annually – enough to irrigate 50,000 acres of farmland or meet the residential water needs of more than 2 million people.


  5. Lordy... I loaded hundreds and hundreds of .45 rounds with one of these things back in the day.  :rolleyes:


    Then I moved up to a Lyman 310 Tong Tool... then an RCBS JR... and a variety of other presses - single stage, progressive, what have you.  But that old Lyman still works.  Right handy with the campsite tailgate reloading bench.  :) 

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  6. I wish 'em well with this.  I recall Miss Eve Nenjoy had a pair of Gaucho's that were a mite problematic: for some reason, the base pins would stick.  It was almost as if they had swelled - weird!  :huh:


    Now, about them transfer bars.  When my old pard Hank had a .45 Colt slip out of its holster and land on the hammer, I was so impressed by what it did to his leg that I went right out bought my first forty-five.  A Ruger.  With transfer bar.  They don't bother me one bit; all I have to do is remember visitin' ol' Hank in the hospital and watching him heal up for a couple of years.  It took the docs a week to decide that he might not lose that leg.

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  7. 1 hour ago, Alpo said:

    cartoon escalator.jpg


    I once accompanied a certain lady friend on a shoe-shopping "expedition."


    Seventeen pairs of shoes later, I threw in the towel and vowed to never, ever again give in to such a lapse of judgement.  :unsure:

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  8. I pondered for a moment on when I last saw a palm tree... then Doh!  Have a half dozen or so around the house!  I tend to ignore 'em, but once in a while one will be a nuisance.


    Sassparilla Kid brought home a machine to help clean up storm damage.  One particular palm was in a bad spot - so he went at it with the diesel-powered remote-controlled Green Climber robot with grinder attachment.  Less than fifteen minutes from tree to mulch. 


    Fun toy!  ^_^




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  9. Winows 10 has worked well for me.  For that reason, I wouldn't touch 11; if I must "upgrade" at some point, I'll wait until 12 is released to correct the 11 shorcomings.  


    If you look at Microsoft's history since Windows 95, typically every second release is junk ~ it's almost as if they unload something miserable on us just so they can later sell us something that'll actually work.


                            image.jpeg.de6b5ae233dc81a8e9f54cf8a7c7afeb.jpeg         Gates Pie GIF - Gates Pie Face GIFs



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  10. Another hint:  I knew a couple of folk who had earlier "brass" Big Boys.  In both cases, their ejectors failed.  I'm pretty sure this weakness has long since been addressed; however, in the unlikely case it should happen to you, replace it with a Marlin 336 ejector.  ;)


    And enjoy the heck outta that thing!  :D



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  11. Gee... welcome to california.  We have SB 1383, expected to increase our garbage collection by up to a hundred bucks a month by next year.  :(






    An Overview of CA SB-1383

    California is a leader in putting a focus on food recovery. CA SB-1383 is a state-mandated effort to reduce organic waste in California landfills by 75%, and to increase excess edible food recovery by 20% by 2025. The bill’s goal is to address greenhouse gas emissions, primarily methane gasses, while focusing on food insecurity throughout California.  After all, food waste is the second largest contributor of organic matter in California landfills. This bill requires the re-direction of organic waste, specifically excess edible food, with Food Generators having to donate their excess edible food, rather than throw it away.




    They're nuts.  Just plumb nuts.  :wacko:

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  12. 5 hours ago, DeaconKC said:

    Taking my g'nephew to the range today and am packing some guns. Then I caught myself thinking "Is this legal, having these two together?



    Actually... it's my understanding that this represents more fun than most of us guys are allowed to have.  :mellow:


    At least in these parts....  :huh:

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