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  1. A bunch of years ago, as I recall, Cabela's used to sell an "entry level" SAA.  Might've been a Uberti?  Anyway, it was quite plain, almost homely, and priced somewhere around $199.


    Anyone recall what that thing was called?  :rolleyes:



  2. 2 minutes ago, bgavin said:

    My rental property is 3rd generation in my family.
    As of this writing, it is Prop 13 protected.

    When Mom died, the trust attorney failed to do his job filing the proper forms.
    San Diego sent me a tax bill for $24,000 in back taxes, and a new yearly tax bill of $16,000.

    They gave me 60 days to pay the combined bill, or they would seize the property for a tax sale.

    I covered the tax bill, but it took two full years to get that money back.
    They used it for two years, interest-free.
    The good news:  it did not come back as a 1099 tax return, or I would have had to pay income tax on my own money.


    The CA voters have destroyed the Prop13 inherited policies for tax protection, so the family will lose this property upon our death.
    At that time, San Diego will reassess the property tax up to $16,600 per year (as of today's tax and valuation).


    We should be smelling tar boilin' and hearing chickens squawking....  <_<


    Hell - don't even bother pluckin' the birds - just glue 'em whole with tar right directly to the elected miscreants ~ squawling, clawing, and pecking...!  :)

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  3. 2 minutes ago, bgavin said:

    Here in CA, we have the highest road (read: fuel) taxes in the nation.
    I understand the vast majority of it goes for State pensions.
    Most certainly NOT for the roads.


    It's a pretty open "secret" that much of our fuel tax revenue has been re-directed to "HSR" - High Speed Rail.  So, a few years ago a fresh batch of fuel taxes were levied because of the severe need for funds to build and maintain roads and bridges.  


    I seem to recall that the member of the "ruling party" who cast the deciding vote on passing the new taxes was immediately the subject of a recall campaign - so the legislature quickly changed the recall rules to protect 'im.  <_<



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  4. 43 minutes ago, Hardpan Curmudgeon SASS #8967 said:

    Never had a 10-22.  Wish I did... but I do have nine other Rugers.  Does that count?  


    Hope I'm not done.  :)




    18 minutes ago, sassnetguy50 said:

    No, those don't count.  You are required to buy another Ruger.


    Oops.  Make that ten.  I forgot about the Bearcat.  ^_^




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  5. 29 minutes ago, Subdeacon Joe said:


    If you embiggen the photograph you can see that they are furled up tight.  Either that or the yards were adzed by novices.


    Looks like she is about to take a tow.


    Joe... you missed the pun...  :rolleyes:


    Hint:  "Sheets?  Shrouds?"  ^_^

  6. 17 hours ago, Bugler said:

    Once fired, 9 Weatherby casings.....free to anyone that can use them.

    Send you mailing address and they are yours.



    aka Bugler


    Good on ya, Bugler!


    SO do you have the rifle that shoots these gems?  :)


    My son bought a Weatherby Vanguard in this caliber two or three years ago - and it took something like six months to find ammo... at just under a hundred bucks for a box of twenty.


    Since then he's acquired probably 250 unfired cases plus several boxes of factory loads.  It's a damned impressive round!



  7. Thanks, all, for the advice!  :)


    Shingles are cut and stacked, ready for tomorrow's installation.  Forecast is for afternoon temperature of mid- to upper-eighties, which should provide for good flexibility of the shingles. 


    Garlic-stabbed and dry-rubbed pork tri-tip ready for the grill, with sides of pilaf, mushrooms sauteed with butter, olive oil, and shallots... steamed squash... baked beans... beer and/ or a decent Cabernet...  ^_^  


    Now, on the subject of ridgecap vents - a terrific concept, but probably not worthwhile in this case.  The li'l "cottage" is a two story "wedding cake" design, but the gabled roof literally leaves only about six feet of attic space.  Rather, the walls in the upstairs rooms are sloped.  Kinda neat, but the "attic" itself is tiny and well-vented.


    Replacing the caps on the lower roof will be simple; access to the top is going to be interesting.  


    I think we have it covered, though - an extension ladder in the "valley" should almost serve as a stairway to the top, anchored with two large eye-screws, short chains and carabiners.    Fortunately, I have plenty of ladders.  


    Excelsior~!!  :lol:









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  8. 5 minutes ago, Pat Riot said:

    I hate doing roof jobs. I can’t tell you how many roofs I have helped put on.
    My advice; hire someone to use regular shingles to do your cap. 
    We don’t bounce the way we used to;)


    Yer right... we don't.  :rolleyes:


    But young Sassparilla Kid will be doin' the topside work ~ I'll be in charge of manning the grill.  ^_^

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  9. Well... last wind storm we had decided to strip a LOT of the ridge caps off my roof; gonna replace 'em this weekend.  


    Turns out there are actual specialized "ridge cap" shingles available - about $63 for a box that'll cover about 20+ feet.  On the other hand, I can buy 3-tab shingles for less than $35 for a bundle of at least 25, each of which I can cut into three "caps."  They just wouldn't be pre-bent like tacos.


    Anyone have any roofing experience more current than mine?  Any reason I shouldn't make my own?  :rolleyes:


    By the way - the originals were the expensive, folded and pre-bent type.  And they were only stapled in place... no nails!  :huh:


    Sheesh.  :mellow:

  10. 1 hour ago, Subdeacon Joe said:


    Isn't, or wasn't, a standard dinner table coffee cup 5 oz?   I sort of recall reading that about 50 years ago.


    I seem to recall that a standard coffee cup is something like six or seven ounces; this one is significantly smaller.


    For perspective, the coffee cup on the right is a "standard" dinner-table size; it holds about seven ounces.  The mug on the left has a capacity of twelve ounces.  And in the middle is my li'l "demitasse" Navy cup.  


    It'd make a nice rum vessel....  :)


    Wish I had me some Pusser's~!!  :lol:


    Edit:  Take a peek at this one:  https://www.etsy.com/listing/161870090/us-navy-3pc-6oz-coffee-set-w-fouled



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  11. 1 hour ago, Subdeacon Joe said:


    Measure it again, looks like 5 or 6 ounces.   Two ounces is just a bit over one shot glass.


    Re-measured.  Reckon you can get almost four ounces in it - a Naval Demitasse?   :rolleyes:


    Careful, don't spill!  ^_^



    image.png.52b0f3b7bf9c2fd73ccc0b2507c402ed.png         image.png.3d2ebf31fe123b2850b2150261c919e4.png

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  12. 1 hour ago, Smuteye John SASS#24774 said:

    I don't know if I'd trust that old fart with your fancy tea cup, Hardpan.


    He looks a mite sketchy to me.:rolleyes:


    I suspects you're right... 'specially with that rascal wearing a Civil War era Midshipman's Wheel Cap pattern hat atop that pointy haid.  :)

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  13. Gotta love Navy crockery~!  Cutest dang li'l cup... holds two ounces.  ^_^


    For Navy Espresso~?  :rolleyes:


              Rod-NavyCup1.jpg.ec5da4eaa7a58ec0f22be6c96b2d7fca.jpg                       Rod-NavyCup2.thumb.jpg.e4a07ea01308a0bd9e977da75546fc07.jpg

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  14. Fun topic!  ^_^


    But when I saw the title I honestly expected the thread to be about odd confections sold at county fairs!


    Oh man, have they come up with some strange ones....  Deep-Fried Jello... Krispy Kreme Burgers... Deep-Fried Pickles... whatever.


    Personally, I gave up on fairs long ago - and just saw a post yesterday about The Big Fresno Fair featuring foot-long corn dogs for a mere $fifteen bucks.  :huh:

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