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  1. Another Steely Dan from their first album Can’t Buy A Thrill. I had the 8 track!
  2. What a groove on this tune!! Larry Carleton guitar solo!! One of the absolute best guitarists ever!
  3. There’s a few around here, 3 have indoor shooting ranges. There’s 5 more within 20 minutes from me. I visit them often.
  4. I doubt it, they’re very thin ivory but even if it worked they didn’t want to pay me enough to do it. Also if you notice they were all chipped and some were missing. They need to be replaced but they’re too cheap. BTW is was a 1902 Steinway, well worth the $500-$600 to replace the key tops.
  5. It actually was! I offered to replace the keys but they were going to try and paint them.
  6. That looks like a paper towel roll!
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