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  1. Do you wear prescription glasses/contacts for normal everyday use? If so, you will need to have shooter prescription glasses made for your dominant eye to see that front sight without the blurriness.
  2. Congratulations to them. And also to all the others that got to shoot in this great match at Border Town. Great setting.
  3. Excellent match shooting. Well done. Champ!!!
  4. Hullo there young man! Ate dinner with your kinfolk and friends. Sad to say, We will not be attending Bordertown.
  5. Congratulations, she always has a generous smile and quick wit.
  6. She is the 2022 SASS World Champion and the SASS National Champion. Great shooting cowgirl!!!!
  7. Many thanks for the kind words. Tough match, very pleased.
  8. One of the best minds in the game. Congratulations.
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