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  1. SASS members, the Carradine brothers. David, Robert and Keith with Judge Roy Bean
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  2. I've skipped over this thread since it was posted.. First time I've opened it was this evening... what can I say... WOW!!! THANKYOU McCandless.. THANKYOU!!
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  3. U.S. Grant on the far left. Hipshot kneeling out front. Judge Roy Bean in the white chaps.
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  4. Doc Peabody's website is still out there... so before it disappears I figured I'd transplant some of his pictures here! Doc Peabody's Roto-Recta-rootalator. A strange medical instrument developed after years of cruel experiments on Desert Tortoises. Doc Peabody's Homemade Rectal Thermometer. It is constructed using a Ford Model-A radiator cap and an authentic piece of Colorado Barbed Wire (wahr) as a retention device. Doc Peabody's Roto-Nasa-Vacuator. The perfect tool for those pesky sinus infections. After which it can
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  5. General U. S. Grant, Roy Rogers, (SASS Alias "RR") and Judge Roy Bean (photo originally posted by Justice Lily Kate)
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