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EOT round count?

Solvang Shootist

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according to the "official" website...


"You will need two six-guns and at least 250 cartridges, a lever action rifle in pistol caliber and at least 200 cartridges, and shotgun and 150 shells. Other things to consider bringing: Long range rifles and 10 cartridges for each; Derringer and 10 cartridges; rim-fire revolver, rim fire rifle and 10 cartridges for each."


that makes for 20+pistol, 16 rifle & 12 SG per stage...


i guess we're gonna be busy!!!


before y'all jump donw my throat...i know ya needs extra ammo for practice and such, warm-up matchs and side matches...


Solvang (whats would love to shoot a 20-16-12 stage 12 times) Shootist :rolleyes:

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Hey Solvang,


Thanks for the post.  See ya there.




Allie Mo




Allie Mo (no e),


the Loverly Tepusquet Annie and I will be arriving on Sunday afternoon (after the obligatory stop in Tombstone) and will have the Welcome mat out fer ya in the RV area...stop by for some tasty Santa Ynez Valley wines... B)


as for my post...kinda a numbers guy meownself and was jus wondering... :rolleyes:


SS :wub:

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