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Winchester Dates of Manufacture

H. K. Uriah, SASS #74619

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Hi, everyone.

File this under "information useful to have."

I am in the process of documenting, as best I can, my firearms collection.   That includes getting factory letters.   As I am sure most of us know, you can get a Winchester letter (and others) from the Cody Firearms Museum for a fairly reasonable price, with a huge discount if you are a member.  Their records are extensive, but not 100% complete.  BUT, there are resources available not connected to Cody that will allow you to get at least the manufacture date if you want it.



This is very similar to the serial number lookup thingee on Colt's website.  I put in the serial number for my Model 70 that Cody does not have records for, and it came back as being made in 1952.   They don't have everything listed there, but it is another source to try to at least get your date of manufacuter.


I also found this, which got me some dates for a couple of rifles not at Cody or Winchester Collector...



And, more interestingly, I called Browning to ask them for a letter on a Browning gun I have, and their answering machine identifies them as Browning AND Winchester.  I asked the fellow I spoke to if they have records for newer Winchesters that the info did not get to Cody for.  He told me that they DO have info on guns newer than the early 1990's, when they took over Winchester, but that the records from post 64 to the early 90's seem to be lost to history.   


To get a Browning letter, you call the number on this website...


I almost wish I had a newer Winchester something so I could get a "Browning Letter" for it.   

Anyway, I just thought I'd share this information.  Do with it what you will.

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