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30-30 Brass F/S

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I have 200 rounds of 30-30 brass for sale.  I'm pretty sure most, if not all of it, is once fired.  I have it divided into 2 100 round bags. Wet tumbled, but not deprimed or sized.  


Asking $35.00 per 100 rounds, or $60 for all 200.  Shipping will be $11 USPS priority mail, and I can get all 200 shipped for that price.  


Please reply "I'll take it" here and send a PM for payment info.

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On 10/21/2023 at 4:04 PM, Cat Cummings SASS #1870L said:

What is the MFG of the brass?

It's mixed brass.  Mostly Winchester and Remington Peters.  A few Frontier Cartridge.  The rest consist of the following headstamps:  S.A. Corp, Frontier, Hornady, Super Speed, WW Super, Remington UMC, PMC and Super X.  Some may have been reloaded. It's brass picked up at shooting ranges and given to my by family members.  I have 3 30-30s, but also have a bunch of factory ammo, so this is extra to me.  

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