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Based on submission of a Modification Application, the ROC has determined that this bullet is NOT a true "hollow point" projectile.
It is LEGAL for SASS CAS & WBAS use.



45 cal. RN  HP HB   230 gr.  .452"

This was intended for commercial loaders to be able to load one bullet that will work in pre-war Colts that need .454" diameter, as well as modern guns.  The hollow base will swell under low pressures and accommodate large bores.



  • The divot in the nose runs between .035 and .040 inches deep, not any where close to a normal hollow point 
  • As a result, this bullet does not perform the same as a hollow point, it performs just like a regular lead bullet when it impacts steel. There is no danger from the impact of this bullet. 
  • The divot was originally put in the bullet to differentiate its appearance from another one of Bear Creek’s bullets they already produced. 
  • The advantage of this bullet is that it feeds better because the shoulders are more rounded than the normal round nose, flat point bullet normally used in our cowboy rifles. 
  • This bullet, because of the divot in the nose, is even safer than the flat point in a tubular magazine, creating almost no pressure on the primer of the bullet ahead of it. 
  • There is a significant advantage to the hollow base in that the bullet immediately expands, sealing the gas and eliminating debris being sent back into the chamber. It is much cleaner than any other bullet we have used. 
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