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RE NY Gun Laws in Court of Appeals

Charlie T Waite

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Here is the judge, Glenn T. Suddaby of the Northern Districts' 53-page order in a PDF file 7 days ago; for anyone who want to read through it.  Other than this I have nothing further on the status.





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I just heard on the radio that the Appeals court has ruled that the unconstitutional laws passed by the Demorats are to stay in effect until they can hear arguments for or against it.  This may take some time as the wheels of government move slowly.  If the court rules in favor of NY then it will go to the SCOTUS.  There isn't any guarantee that they will accept this case but people that are more knowledgeable about the law say it would be very likely that they would hear the case.  But in the mean time legal law abiding gun owners are Scr**ed again. 

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