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Blackburn B20

Subdeacon Joe

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https://www.baesystems.com/en/heritage/blackburn-b20The unique Blackburn B20, which was built at Blackburn Aircraft works at Dumbarton, was a twin-engine reconnaissance aircraft designed to meet Specification R.1/36. It was based upon a patented design study (UK Patent No 433925) by Blackburn's Chief Seaplane Designer Major John Rennie.


It was described as combining the best features of both a flying boat and a floatplane, as it boasted a retractable planing bottom surface, which could be extended (with retractable wing-tip floats) to provide propeller clearance when on the water. This allowed the hull frontal area and drag to be significantly reduced when the planning surface was retracted, once airborne.




Blackburn B20 at anchor frontal view

The Blackburn B20 moored on the Clyde, with planing surface extended.




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