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NRA spokesperson reacts to Oregon pushing controversial gun control law

Charlie T Waite

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2 minutes ago, PaleWolf Brunelle, #2495L said:
To Wasco County Citizens:
As your Sheriff, I usually don’t insert myself into conversations related to potential or existing laws, however I
would like to talk about Measure 112 and 114.
Measure 112 is the elimination of using slavery for punishment under the Oregon Constitution. While on the
surface I would generally support this type of measure, as I do not condone or support slavery and/or involuntary
servitude at all. However, with that said I can’t support Measure 112.
When digging deeper into Measure 112 there is clear evidence this would directly affect most, if not all, of our
work programs at NORCOR. Some of these programs would be cleaning the facility, laundry, public space clean up,
etc. As always there is the argument Adults In Custody (AIC’s) are forced to work in Oregon jails. All work
programs are voluntary.
Measure 114 will require law enforcement agencies to conduct background investigations for citizens wanting to
purchase firearms. Again, while this sounds good on the surface, there will be a significant impact, not only on all
Oregon law enforcement agencies, but the Wasco County Sheriff’s Office as well. One of the major impacts it will
have is the overall cost.
The measure only accounts for a $65 charge for the process, but the major issue the Sheriff’s Office will be
impacted by is having to hire at least one additional employee to handle this new process. You might ask, “Why is
hiring another person a big deal?” Under the current budget we now have there is no money to do this and if this
passes, the Sheriff’s Office will be considering a reduction in patrol staff to meet the mandate!
A second point to make related to Measure 114 is the actual constitutionality of the measure, as noted from the U.S.
Supreme Court. In the case of Duncan v. Bonta (2020) the court ruled it was unconstitutional for the ban on high
capacity magazines.
With this information, and as your Sheriff, I want our citizens to understand the ramifications if these measures
pass, and how it will impact your public safety in Wasco County.
I have included the Oregon State Sheriff’s Association’s Argument’s in Opposition to each of the measures I have
talked about. Please take the time to read about further details related to the measures.
In closing I want our citizens to understand my stance on these two measures is not in any way shape or form
political. As your Sheriff, I was not elected to be a politician, but to ensure each of you receive top notch public
safety services, and follow the rule of law. However these two measures will impact both.
As always thank you for your time and consideration and feel free to give me a call at 541-506-2592 or send an
email to; lanem@co.wasco.or.us
Lane Magill
Wasco County Sheriff


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