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Fine Dining


Arrived at the restaurant gussied up, feeling pretty fancy

“Good even sir”, said the Maître d’. “Welcome to Chez Snobby”

“Maurice-Francois will be your waiter. He’ll show you to your table”

Maurice showed up dressed better than me. I said, “Mo, just call me Bobby”


He shows us to our table, and a smaller one I’ve never seen!

His nose was pointed up a bit, sniffing at the air

He rattled off the chef’s fine specials, but it was Greek to me

As long as there was wine involved I really didn’t care


I was feeling awful hungry, thinking I could eat a Derby loser

I’ve heard in France they do it all the time

I pointed randomly to stuff listed on the menu

As he swaggered off I gulped a glass of very tasty wine


Maurice came back with a plate of Snails! He called em S-car-go

He winked and I became as some would say…a bit suspicious 

But I toughened up and downed a few, with quite a bit of butter

And I have to say to my surprise they really were delicious

Then course began to follow course for an hour, maybe two

Most of it I never heard of, not before or even since

Some of it was kind of strange, new textures, tastes and smells

Could have been the wine but I was feeling like an old time prince


Then Maurice-Francois brought one more course, but not the thing I wanted

I told him of my preference and his knees got weak and wavy

My dinner companion looked confused as Mo staggered to the kitchen

I told her I had merely asked for biscuits and sausage gravy

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