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Three Nuns, Three War Heroes

Posted on May 11, 2022 | by Anastasia ParkhomchikReading time: 10 minutes


The end of World War II on 9 May remains a big holiday in this part of the world. It reminds us how much of a blessing is a peaceful sky above us. Yet even in times of the bloodiest of battles, the Lord never abandons His children and works miracles for them. Here is a story about the lives of three women who lived through the war as heroes, became monastics and departed to the Lord in glory.

Nun Adriana (Malysheva) 


Natalya Malysheva joined the army and went to the front when she was in her third year at the Moscow Aviation Institute. During the war, she was stationed at the headquarters of Marshal Rokossovsky, where she served in army intelligence. She fought in the battle for Moscow and lost her fiancé there. She also participated in the Kursk and Stalingrad battles and assisted in the talks with German general Paulus. She finished the war in Berlin, but remained in the army until 1949, as a part of the Soviet military contingent in Poland and Germany.

She was young and an atheist, but the Lord protected her from harm, knowing that she would eventually forsake her worldly life to become His servant. Natalya was a brave soldier. She could do many things – ride a horse, jump with a parachute, give first medical aid and even speak German, which made her a good candidate for a career in army intelligence. She was also an excellent shot.

Miracles followed her from her first days at the front. 

Through Divine intervention, she carried a wounded soldier under fire while she was fighting in the battle of Moscow. It was a cold winter. She had to undress to her underwear so the enemy would not see her in the snow. She reached the wounded soldier quickly and unharmed. But she had little idea how she would bring him back to safety. Suddenly, dense snow began to fall, hiding them from the enemy’s view. She strapped the soldier to her body, and they passed the dangerous sections of the track under cover of the snow.

Natalia Malysheva during the war
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