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Progressive reloader question


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On 2/13/2022 at 9:56 PM, Roscoe Regulator said:

I watched a Dillon-sponsored video on unboxing and setting up an XL750. Having owned a Hornady LnL AP gradually built up to include an electric case feeder, it seems to me that the Hornady is less demanding that a case feeder be added. That would mean an easier entry into progressive reloading, when budget constraints are in effect, or it seems difficult to accept just how much  of an investment reloading can entail. Both machines are within dollars of the same for the basic machine, although the Hornady does not include an initial caliber setup, dies, etc.

Very good points, as always.


My finalists were the LNL-AP and the 650.  The Hornady press was less expensive even if you don’t factor in the 500 free jacketed bullets that Hornady gave as a rebate (I think those bullets are still in shrink wrap after 11 years).  Price was not the deciding factor but it was a consideration.


After some period of time I added a casefeeder and I realized that the total cost of a press and casefeeder was very, very close between Dillon and Hornady. 

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