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FS: Kimber LWT in 9mm

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I am a huge fan of this limited production Kimber Model in 9mm. They are 5" guns and no extra firing pin safeties. I have 2500+ rounds of innovative 9mm + P+ through my personal gun now. (shown above) Love the gun!   And more durable than I ever suspected they might be.  They are scary accurate. I've been shooting a pair of our Company owned guns for T&E work and all three (mine and theirs) have been exceptionally accurate and reliable guns.

I have two more of these guns NIB available for sale. Shipped to your FFL for $800. per gun total. I'll also add another new Kimber 9mm magazine for a total of two with each gun. They come with one magazine from Kimber. So one additional bonus, new factory Kimber 9mm magazine from me.  This is  not a Wild Bunch legal gun .   

Kimber sez:
The CUSTOM LW is a limited time special offering 1911, with white dot rear sight and red fiber optic front sights, weight reducing aluminum frame, black out small parts and sharp looking gray laminate grips with checkered gripping area for positive hold round out this unique package. Match grade stainless barrel with  9rd ,magazine (9mm).  (I'll include an extra factory mag for a total of 2 magazines) 


More here:
Kimber America | CUSTOM LW | 1911 | Handguns

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MSRP is $802.00, anything special about these good looking guns?

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They shoot well, as they should for $800.   The "special" part (buying from Kimber) may not mean anything to some, but these are true to Colt's original design with no additional firing pin safeties / Series II Kimber parts.   It was a limited production gun, now getting hard to find.


I've changed a the grips, thumb safety and grip safety on my personal gun pictured above.   And pulled the FLG rod.    Other than that I didn't touch the internals or sights.  Below is how they come NIB.  The gun's design likely isn't for every one.  And it would be a fun Wild Bunch gun but for  the no go in 9mm and fiber optic front.  Neat guns if you like how they are built by Kimber.  I like the lwt frame on a 5" gun and the Kimber stainless, match grade,  fully supported and Wilson/Nowlin ramped barrel.   I like a LWT, 32oz,  11 rd, 5" 1911  ;-)  Shoot what ever hot 9mm+ P loads you like or rechamber it to 38 Super with just a reamer or better yet a simple barrel replacement.   CDNN has SIG 38 Super barrels  really cheap that drop right in.  (my intention eventually with a 2nd gun)   First fiber optic front sight I have used.   It is growing on me but I  still prefer black on black iron sights. 


1911 38 SUPER 5IN RAMPED STS BARREL SIG SAUER (cdnnsports.com)


I was able to shoot a bunch of 5" 9mm guns for a recent work project.  A aluminum and steel framed, 5" Dan Wesson (really nice guns but not cheap), a RIA gun, also a nice gun and inexpensive (under $800 if you look around) for what you are getting.  Eventually a steel Colt 5",  a couple of Springfield Ronins in 9mm and a $3000 Springfield Professional in 9mm.  All nice guns but I was hard pressed to find any one of them as good, let alone better than these lwt Kimbers.  Including the Springfield Professional, which frankly shocked me.  I bought two of the Kimbers for myself which I am keeping.   


Here are my original thoughts on the Kimber.   I have a lot more rounds down range in one now than I did then.   And I am still impressed.  Only thing I could find for less money was the the steel framed, RIA guns.   I'd want to do a lot more work on a RIA gun if I was going to keep it myself,  including a refinish of the factories matte blue finish, some recontouring of the frame and multiple parts replacement.   That would have made the RIA's original price climb quickly for me. 


(23) So I bought two! | Colt Forum





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I bought a Kimber the first year that they came out,,made on Chip McCormick machines.  one of the best guns out of the box I ever had. Had a little trouble with customer service a while ago on a current gun,,, but other than that,, great guns.

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