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"PLATING" definition

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- Sights must look like sights available during the cowboy era. Bead, blade, simple post, or otherwise approved front sights (such as the XS Cowboy Express) made of materials such as steel, iron, ivory, faux ivory, brass, gold, pewter, copper, or silver are allowed. 

 - Colors other than those of the materials referenced above or any “fluorescent” materials may not be applied to either front or rear sights.
- Rear and front sights may be “blacked,” painted, or plated in the colors of the previously listed materials. If blacking, paint, or plating is applied to a revolver front sight, it must cover the entire rear surface of the sight to give the appearance of a solid material.



Definition of PLATING:
1. a thin coating of gold, silver, or other metal.
There is no reference to HOW that coating may be applied in that definition.
Chemical, electrodeposition, epoxies, glues, adhesives, tape, or other methods of affixation may be used.
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