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update on Cimarron Old Glory 45colt review

Trigger Mike

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A month ago I fired the new Cimarron Old Glory 1860 Mason 45 LC.  Back then, it had a hard time pulling the hammer all the way back one handed.  Initially hard even for two handed shooting.  It would jam once in a while during the first 50 rounds.  It got slightly better as I went.  


Today I fired another 50 rounds  MUCH, MUCH better.  zero jams and the hammer goes back and locks fine.  Fires smooth fast or slow.  It seems to just to have needed to be broke in .  I like the pewter American flag on the grip.  


I love my country.  I usually do not go for the guns with American flag painted all over it.  I find ti disrespectful to our flag, but one on the grip seems alright to me.  

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