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18 FEB 2020

MOD: Replacement of original metal magazine tube with one made of carbon fiber.

PURPOSE: If the magazine tube receives a blow from the outside, it cannot dent.



17 SEP 2020

MOD: Replacement of 1873 loading gate with an 1866 type

PURPOSE: Rounds are easier to load into the magazine “and specially ladies don’t break their fingernails anymore.”




11 NOV 2020

MOD: Installation of an internally-adjustable set screw on the carrier arm of 1873 lever.

PURPOSE: Easier to adjust the timing of broke-in, worn, changed parts, etc. than spot-welding metal to the surface where material is needed (which is current practice). Negates the need for welding equipment to make necessary adjustments.

image.png image.png



09 DEC 2020

MOD: Replacement of slotted magazine tube end cap on 1866 & 1873 rifles with a knurled “tool-less” version.

PURPOSE: Easy to remove at unloading table in case rounds have to be removed from tube; no tools needed; and the shooter avoids hand being in front of the muzzle in case a live round is still in the chamber.

                          image.png image.png


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******************* NOTICE **********************

Regarding the approval of the "carbon fiber" magazine tube:
That was announced at the 2020 Winter Range Territorial Governors Meeting last February:
"The ROC received a “Parts Modification” application for “Carbon Fiber” Magazine Tube.
The color of the tube presented was in line with the overall color of the firearm. These tubes have been approved."
   **************     That approval applied to the SPECIFIC ITEM pictured.       *************    

It does NOT apply to any other firearm parts (e.g. rifle stocks); nor does it apply to tubes made in any other COLORS.



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