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Trigger Aaron

WTB: .38 Pistols & Possibly Rifle for New Pard

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Howdy again all,


I originally planned to get into the game early this year. I'm a younger player (mid-30s, so younger as this sport is concerned ;-) ) who mostly has played in Speed Steel but always admired the SASS community as something I'd like to try and have my young kids come with. Then COVID hit and slowed everything down with our jobs and local clubs. The jobs have settled down a bit so if I can find the right setup, I might be able to start trying out this thing again.


That being said, I'm interested in a pair of affordable .38/357 revolvers and possibly a rifle. 


Originally I bought up a slicked up set of SASS edition Ruger Vaqueros and an 1897, but the club shut down and I didn't have the patience to wait, so I sold them off. 


I'm not looking for top end stuff, but if anyone has any leads or backups they'd like to sell, I'd be interested in hearin' about it. I've consolidated my reloading equipment down so I can focus on just the .38/357 so I could try the game out, so if anyone has something they'd like to pass on, send me a message!


Feel free to send any offers my way, I'm not looking for handouts, I'm ready to pay market value, but nowadays it seems that's pretty nuts in the election year.


Anyway, let me know! I'm also tryin' to get down to my local club and observe a match down there too to get into the game. :-) (Anyone in the Albany, OR group ;-)




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I have a 20” marlin 1894 in 38/357. Rifle is match ready and will not need anything but Ammo :)

it’s super smooth and has had all the “widdermatic “ mods to make it 100% reliable and match ready.(work done by Slick McClade)

$1300 shipped.

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Thanks for the PM's and interest. Might have found the pistols, now just need a rifle. May have found that too, but we'll see. ;-)


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