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  1. Alright, I've finally sold my Beretta O/U shotgun in order to fund (or better translated: let the wife agree) that I can buy my rifle for CAS. I'm new to the sport (yes, I tried to get in before, but COVID got in the way as well as losing my job due to it), so I'm looking for a rifle to get started. I've got my Uberti pistols and a Stoeger Coach Gun, but I'd like to get a nice '73 or similar. Please send PM's if you have something for sale. I very much appreciate it! Thanks! -Aaron (Trigger)
  2. Still available, I'm holding out for a '73. Great gun and great communication from the seller, go get it, it won't last at this price! Thanks, -Trigger
  3. Awwwwwww. I’d drive up there any day from Salem :-( missed another.
  4. Howdy all, I've almost completed my set as I'm trying to make a comeback into the sport and show my kids what fun this is. But I'm short a rifle. I've been searchin' the forums daily (ok, fine... many times a day), but they always have 45 colt, or 32WCF or somethin' else. I need a plain .357 rifle that's semi affordable. I got my shotgun and my pistols, just need the rifle. Let me know if you got anything! -Trigger
  5. On second look, mine is 4.75", but I do need 357. I updated my post. Thanks!
  6. Howdy all, I have a case colored Uberti Cattleman II that I'd like to find a match for. It's .357 and 4.75", but I'd also entertain shorter barrels or birdshead models. Also willing to look at similar ones to make a set, but probably prefer the same. Thanks! -Trigger
  7. Sent you pm for the coach gun from my WTB post, I’ll take it!
  8. Hey all, I'm interested in finding one, in 12GA, slicked up or not, but just lookin' for one. Thanks! -Trigger
  9. Now here's one you don't come by often! This is a Rossi 62 SA Takedown rifle, in the nicer nickel finish. Re-live your childhood... or your father's childhood... or your grandfather's childhood... I guess it depends how old ya are This awesome tube-fed .22LR is super accurate and SUPER fun. Real nice, light rifle for plinking. Imagine yourself back at the Fair of olden days! This is the 22LR only version, there is some info out there on how to enable it to feed 22 short and long as well, but I haven't dug much into it. I'd like $499 local here in Oregon, or I'd consider shipping it if I really had to. I would be up for trades for Cowboy guns in .357 or a SASS legal 12ga shotgun. (So far only have a Uberti clone so I'll need another revolver, too) Check out those pictures, she's a looker!!! Thanks!!
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