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  1. Hey all, As you might have seen in my other posts, having to get out of the sport for now as I’m soon to be unemployed for a bit (hopefully not too long!) Anyway, here is a rig I put together and wore once. Belt is the Triple K #110 Wyoming Drop Belt Right Handed. I want to say it’s a large. .38/.357 sized loops. Fits me perfectly with a waist around 36-38”. Holster is matching Triple K 114 Cheyenne 5 1/2. Cross draw holster is a Hunter Brand 1090-40. (Locally purchased from Sportsman’s Warehouse). I have the boxes/bags f
  2. Hey all, By getting out of SASS for now, I have some unused bullets I just purchased that I’ll need to sell. They’re great, unopened boxes from Bear Creek Supply. I believe they are moly coated. These are the 125gr good for both pistol and lever guns in 38 special/357 magnum. Selling at $35 a box, buy all 4, get free shipping, otherwise please add $12 for flat rate box shipping. Thanks!
  3. John, I’ll check the clicks tonight. If I had to guess, I want to say it was 4. But I’ll double check after work today.
  4. Ha. My 18 month old and my 2.5 year old is enough for me at this point. Honestly, it’s gonna be more work than Fry’s was. Robyn, I’ll send you a message. Thanks all.
  5. Hello Pards, It's with deep despair I share that I will be out of a job shortly. You may have heard of the new fangled "electronics" retailer that just decided to go belly up after 36 years. Well, that retailer has been my homestead for 15 1/2 years. I'll be running my store I managed till the wagon wheels fall off (which is a couple of weeks left, if I'm lucky). Two small kids means I gotta downsize the toys. I bought these from the great Happy Appy, and hate to part with them. They are Taylor & Company Uberti 1873's, but not any ordinary 1873's. Thes
  6. SOLD Howdy Pards, I have here a fine 1953 example of a legendary shooter, the Winchester 1897. It's a later E model and looks and works great. I purchased this early this year with the intention of getting into SASS, but with work and the changes COVID has taken place, I think I just need to sell this to someone that'll use it rather than let it sit in my closet. I still plan to get into it when work calms down, but for now that's the story. It was purchased from a member of the Orygun Cowboys and was told it was worked on by their main gunsmith. Tuned up and slicked up
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