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FPC Brief: Background Checks for Ammunition Purchases Violate the Second Amendment

Charlie T Waite

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I wish them luck with their lawsuit... but I won't hold my breath.

Here in CA, you fill out a DROS in addition to a background check to buy ammo.
If you pay attention to that big long document number on the DROS, that is the number of real-time background checks run today.
Each DROS is worth $1 tax for those with RealID and a registered gun at their address, or $19 for those who do not have a registered gun.

Typically, it takes me about 2.0 hours to wait in line, get waited on, present my order, wait for the locked cage of trap shells to be brought to the gun counter, wait for the cage to be unlocked, sign the log book, fill out the DROS, pay for the background check and take delivery of 3 cases of trap shotshells.

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