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Charlie T Waite

Raimondo issues executive order extending firearm background check from 7 days to 30

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Dumb and dumber marches on.


While John and Jane Q Citizen wait in lines, fill out forms, pay fees, get fingerprinted, give blood samples and finger nail scrapings to protect themselves via a constitutional right;


Rufus T Bandit, who will be casing places to rob/burglarize, gets his gun within the hour from a criminal contemporary.


So who is this really protecting?


I just read that there is some evidence that member of the Jesse James gang used guns stolen from dead Union soldiers. Stealing is as old as dirt. As should be self defense for their intended victims.


Sorry, but a police chief is not a reputable source of public policy decisions. His or her finger is not on the pulse of their community's crime stats, but rather on the political climate of the mayor that appointed them. There are some pro-active police administrators out there, and I admire them. Sadly they are the exception rather than the rule, and that association letter to the Governor is a great example.

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